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When you can't give your pet everything it needs, just give us a call. Our range of professional pet care services in south west London are designed to fill the gaps and make sure your animals always get the attention they deserve. We'll step in when you have to go to hospital or when you're treating yourself to a couple of weeks in Honolulu!


Our dog care services will win the approval of even your most discerning canine. Below you'll find an introduction to our dog care services - just follow the links to find more about them:


Dog day care

Choose the Balham Doggy Centre for active, sociable pets who relish the company of their own kind. You can find us at 15 Balham High Road, SW12 9AJ. We are happy to collect pets from stations, homes and take them to the doggy centre and back at the end of the day. We usually travel with the public transport with cage-and-stress free transportation. Or if your canine prefers a quieter environment, ask us about our home boarding services.



You can easily combine your dog's stay at the Balham Doggy Centre with a quick bath and brush or a full groom. You can choose one of our predefined grooming packages or create your own package depending on your doggy's needs. It deserves to look at its best all the time. We offer cat grooming, too.


Cat grooming services to Purr-fection in South West London

Usually, cats are perfectly capable of grooming themselves, and they would prefer for things to stay that way for all eternity, if possible. However, no known cat has been seen brushing his matted coat, let alone trimming his own claws. And this is where our professional pet care services come into play!

The cat groomer has lots of experience with cats of any age or temperament and will know how to cater to their needs without causing them stress. Without further ado, let's take a look at what you will get for stopping by our Balham Pet Care Centre.


What are the benefits of grooming your pet?

Grooming is not merely about making your pet look good. It also helps remove unwanted hair, prevents hairballs, improves your feline's hygiene and betters his blood circulation.


Our cat grooming services in London also include a few extra benefits, for example:

The cat grooming specialist's work is fully insured for your peace of mind;

The professional can work with cats of all sizes and ages and has the skills and know-how needed to make even the most fearful or feisty of pets feel right at home;

Groom and haircut your cat based on your preferences and your cat's personality.


Ensure the comfort of your pet with a complete grooming package

Our complete grooming service involves lots of different procedures that will untangle your pet's coat and eliminate all dead hair. The diligent cat groomer will also provide you with a wealth of coat and claw clipping information that you can use to keep your pet tidy and happy at the same time.


Our full grooming package is suitable for cats with long and short hair and can include:

Thorough cleaning of the fur (no bathing included);

Minor de-tangling, front and back claw trimming (only if necessary);

Using a comb or a clipper to dispose of clumps of dead hair;

Gentle cleaning of the ears with cotton balls and alcohol;

Wiping the area around the eyes with cotton balls and a saline solution;

Chin cleaning (in case your feline is affected by acne);

Performing Brazilian hygiene clips and many variations of the Lion cut;

Full combing procedure, including the head, back, sides, belly, and legs.


Note: If your cat is elderly, has a heavily matted coat, or is stressed out by the grooming procedures, we suggest splitting the grooming into two visits to achieve the best results.


We know how to take good care of difficult or elderly cats


Grooming elderly cats

When it comes to grooming (or anything else, really), elderly cats will usually not be keen on cooperating. This is why the pet carer will advise you to visit our Balham centre in two sessions. This will give your fluffy companion enough time to grow accustomed to the new surroundings, which will eventually lead to a clean, groomed coat and a very happy purr.


Grooming difficult cats

It's very important to give fearful cats enough time and breathing room to allow them to overcome their stress. Once they become relaxed, the cat groomer will have no trouble bringing their true beauty to light. Angry cats, however, may require a whole new approach. In this case, the groomer will take a few safety measures to ensure a hassle-free experience on both ends.


Find doggy day care in south west London that gets tails wagging!


Choose our dog day care centre in Balham, South West London for your adventurous and sociable pet. He or she'll spend the time hanging out with other dogs and get lots of human interaction from our experienced pet care team too.


You can find the Balham Doggy Centre located at 15 Balham High Road, SW12 9AJ.

Call us on: 02034048975

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