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Exotics and small mammals - Referral Service


About us

Beaumont Sainsbury Animal Hospital (BSAH) is an RVC veterinary hospital in Camden, London, close to Kings Cross station. We offer a full range of services for your dog, cat, rabbit, reptile, bird or other small animals, from vaccinations and neutering to medical diagnosis and life-saving operations.

Our dedicated team of vets and veterinary nurses are committed to providing excellent care and treatment. Each member of our team has a special interest in particular fields, such as dentistry, diagnostic imaging, medicine, surgery and exotic species. This means all species receive expert treatment by genuinely interested and caring practitioners.

As an RVC teaching hospital, final year veterinary students participate in consultations under the close supervision of experienced veterinary surgeons. This means that, as well as getting exceptional care, clients and patients who visit us assist with the development of the vets of the future.

Highly trained and experienced veterinary nurses play a key role at the hospital and the BSAH is a leading centre for veterinary nurse training. Student veterinary nurses are supervised by qualified veterinary surgeons or experienced registered nurses at all times. All BSAH nurses are registered, some also hold advanced nursing diplomas and all hold accreditation as a clinical coach.

The BSAH is fully accredited under the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons' Practice Standards Scheme. This recognises the high level of care and facilities provided by the hospital.


What we offer:

- New Pet Introduction Visits – A free initial consultation with one of our Nurses to meet the team and discuss lifelong care plans

- Vaccinations and Annual Health checks – including advice on keeping your pet healthy

- Unwell pet appointments – you can be reassured that your pet is in great hands with our caring and experienced team

- Pet Travel clinic –to discuss pet passports and keeping your pet healthy while travelling

- Cat only consultations – we hold a dedicated once weekly cat only clinic with one of our advanced medicine certificate holders for our more nervous feline friends

- Emergency care – for serious or life threatening illness and injuries, call us and come straight in.


Each member of our team also holds a special interest in

- Internal medicine

- Surgery –soft tissue/orthopaedics

- Exotic and small mammal species

- Dentistry and gum disease

- Ultrasound/Xrays/Endoscopy


Practice Services

If your pet needs to see a vet, we are here for you.

You can book an initial appointment by phone to see a vet or a veterinary nurse.

If you are not sure who you need to see, our friendly reception team will be able to help.

We have appointments available seven days a week and are open until late on weekdays.


What you can expect:

Our experienced team of vets and veterinary nurses are supported by RVC vets-in-training, who gain valuable experience at the Beaumont Sainsbury Animal Hospital. You can expect them to greet you with a warm welcome in our waiting room (which has separate areas for cats, dogs and small furries), take a full medical history - including a summary of any particular concerns - and carry out a full and thorough examination.

Although your first point of contact may be with a student, who will carry out an initial examination, you can rest assured that every case is handled by a fully-qualified and experienced veterinary surgeon. Our vets will carry out a full examination, discuss your concerns and recommend a treatment plan.

Once the consultation has been completed, our receptionists will help you with any final paperwork, and often have treats on hand as a reward for patient pets.


General Practice services include:

- New Puppy and Kitten health checks & advice

- Puppy classes on Thursday evenings by booking

- Vaccinations for protection against serious preventable diseases

- Neuteringfor the prevention of breeding

- Examinations, advice and treatment for unwell pets

- Advanced diagnostics for illness or injury


Specialist Services

At the Beaumont Sainsbury Animal Hospital, we offer special 'second opinion' appointments for pet owners, as well as specialist veterinary referral services for practices in and around London.

Royal Veterinary College clinicians will always endeavour to be honest and open with you about your pet's treatment options.


Seeking a second opinion

Did you know that you are perfectly entitled to ask your vet for a second opinion? If for any reason you wish to see another member of our team for a second opinion, we will be happy to arrange this for you.

We offer special extended appointments for this and will review your pet’s case in detail, before discussing options and treatment plans with you. There are no restrictions on seeking a second opinion, but if you come to us from another practice we will need to contact your regular vet to obtain your pet's clinical records. This is in the best interests of your pet, avoids having to repeat treatment and saves you time and money. It is also a professional obligation for veterinary surgeons.

A second opinion is your prerogative and you need not feel awkward or embarrassed about seeking one. After a second opinion appointment you may be referred back to your own vet, or you may choose to continue treatment with another vet of your choice.


Exotics and small mammals - Referral Service


The exotics referral service at the RVC is primarily based at Beaumont Sainsbury Animal Hospital.

For complex cases, we collaborate with specialists in other disciplines at the Queen Mother Hospital for Animals, where MRI, CT and other advanced diagnostic facilities are available for our patients.


Service information

We provide services for a large variety of animals including small mammals, reptiles, birds, amphibians and ornamental fish. Many exotic pets are prey species so we offer dedicated hospitalisation facilities away from cats and dogs where our patients can recover undisturbed. All our team of nurses and vets have specific expertise with anaesthesia and care of the critical exotic patient.

In addition to a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation tailored to each individual patient, services we offer include:

- Small mammal dentistry including surgical treatment of dental abscesses

- Diagnostic endoscopy and laparoscopic procedures for mammals, birds and reptiles

- Collection health advice


Making a Referral

Referrals can be arranged by phone or email.

Veterinary surgeons seeking to refer or discuss a case can contact the Exotics Service via our dedicated referrals line on 020 75543528 or email


Keeping clients and referring vets updated

Referring vets are kept up-to-date with case progress by phone as required and following discharge a detailed case report will be provided. Hospitalised patients are continuously monitored and any changes can be discussed with clients daily.


Contact us

Beaumont Sainsbury Animal Hospital

Royal Veterinary College

Royal College Street



Tel: 020 7387 8134


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