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Care and compassion in equal measure

Pet owners across London trust us to look after the needs of their beloved companions. And we take that trust very seriously indeed. At London Vet Specialists we’re committed to delivering the very highest standards of veterinary professional care, alongside plentiful helpings of love and compassion.


Internal Medicine

A full internal medicine referral service is available through our consultant Dr Kaye Gugich, formerly of Vets Now Referrals in Swindon. Working closely with the rest of the referral team, the internal medicine service investigates, diagnoses and treats diseases of the internal organs and is committed to delivering the very best care to each and every patient that comes to us. We treat a broad range of internal diseases, including those of the respiratory system, the heart and circulation, alimentary system (the gut, liver and pancreas), the endocrine (hormonal) system, the urinary system, as well as infectious and immune-mediated disorders in dogs and cats.


Emergency and Critical Care

Our Emergency and Critical Care Service receives referrals for any emergency case and provides round the clock critical care in the only specialist centre in central London. London Vet Specialists works closely with Vet24; a dedicated 24 hour emergency centre with an established record of providing emergency treatment to the veterinary clinics of London. London Vet Specialists operates specialist-managed cases within the RCVS-accredited hospital.

Experienced clinicians are available around the clock to treat in-patients as well as assist with emergency admissions. Our surgery team are on call to the hospital overnight should specialist emergency surgery be required.



London Veterinary Specialists accepts surgical referrals for Dr Janet Kovak McClaran.

Dr McClaran has joined us from the world-renowned Animal Medical Center in New York, where she was Head of the Department of Surgery. She specialises in advanced soft tissue and oncological (cancer) surgery, enabling us to offer a full range of ENT, thoracic, abdominal and urogenital procedures and treatments.

Dr Kovak McClaran is the only full time soft tissue specialist operating in central London with the support of a full time specialist critical care facility.

Dr McClaran is also one of the world’s leading veterinary laparoscopic surgeons. Laparoscopic surgery, also called minimally-invasive or keyhole surgery is available only in a handful of referral facilities in the UK. These techniques are increasingly used in human surgery, with the aim of minimising patient discomfort and speeding recovery, and even complex procedures such as liver resection can be carried out in this way. At London Vet Specialists, we are committed to offering the very latest human surgical advances to our pet patients. As well as more complex procedures involving the thoracic (chest) and abdominal cavities, we also offer laparoscopic surgery for routine procedures such as neutering, bringing the benefits of minimally-invasive surgery to these patients as well.


London Vet Specialists

56 Belsize Lane



To discuss a potential referral, a case already seen by us or any other enquiries please call: 020 7433 0155

During out of office hours, calls to London Vet Specialists will be managed by our critical care team, who will contact a specialist emergency and critical care clinician.


You can also send us an email:

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