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Vaccinations in London

Vaccinate your pet fully for only £20

The RSPCA South East London vaccination clinic is located inside the RSPCA Norwood Rd Charity Shop, 380 Norwood Road London SE27 9AA. We operate a walk-in service; twice monthly; where no appointment is necessary.


easivac+ a lifetime of protection

easivac+ gives lifetime Booster Vaccinations for your perfect pet for an amazing one off price of £65.


All vaccinations are given by a fully qualified Vet, and all pets receive a full health check. Our vaccines are the same brand and quality as used at many other vets, just at a fraction of the cost! And because we believe that vaccinations matter we’ve made every puppy and kittens second vaccination absolutely FREE!*


Whether it is your pets annual booster, or their very first vaccination, whatever their age, it doesn’t matter, every pet is welcome. We can vaccinate dogs from 6 weeks old, cats from 9 weeks and small furries from 5 weeks old.

Give your pet the protection it deserves, at the price you deserve!

The £20 you pay includes the total cost for a complete puppy and kitten vaccination course and a microchip. All puppies and kittens need to return for a second injection which is FREE* and will be given at our next clinic. Or – pay £15 for a complete dog and cat booster and a free microchip. This offer applies to every pet owner; you don’t need to claiming benefits… just come along on the day.

Worming and flea treatments are now available too.

Unfortunately we do not have facilities to deal with cheques or cards, so CASH ONLY on the day please.

The opening times are 11am – 4pm.


Vaccination After-Care

We are all aware of the importance of vaccination in preventing animals from becoming seriously ill. Fortunately, most pets need no special care following vaccination as they show no obvious response and go about their lives normally.

However, a small percentage of pets may show a mild response and look 'off colour' for a day or two. This is considered quite normal. You may notice that they have lost their appetite and just want to lie around and rest. Some animals may resent being handled and maybe sore or tender at the injection site. This is not dissimilar to what we experience with human vaccinations.


The following points outline the best way to look after pets if they do show these signs:

- Provide your pet with a warm, cosy place to lie down and rest. However, don't be concerned if they wish to rest somewhere else.

- Make sure that they have access to water and their favourite food, but don't be alarmed if they are not very hungry.

- Avoid patting or playing with your pet as they may wish to be left alone. They will come to you for attention when they feel like it.

- Check on your pet every so often, just to make sure they are comfortable, but try to disturb them as little as possible.


The most important thing to remember is that this type of reaction is nothing to be alarmed about. By following the points listed above, your pet will soon be back to normal.

If the response to the vaccination appears more serious than this, or your pet has not recovered within 48 hours then please do not hesitate to contact us for advice.


Microchipping in London

What is microchipping? 

Microchipping is a simple safe and quick procedure. It can make all the difference in being reunited with your pet should they stray or go missing.

The microchip is the size of a grain of rice and the procedure, which is carried out by a vet or trained microchip implanter, takes only a few minutes and lasts a lifetime.

How does a microchip help to reunite a lost pet with their owner?

Once your pet is microchipped, you and your pet’s details are stored in a microchip database along with the microchip’s unique 15 digit code.

When a missing pet is found, an animal professional (for example a vet or dog warden) will scan the pet revealing the microchip’s unique 15 digit code, and contact the microchip database your pet is registered with. The customer care staff will perform some security checks before releasing your contact details to the animal professional – so that your pet can be reunited with you.

Contact Us

Branch address: 

RSPCA London South East Branch

380 Norwood Road, West Norwood

London, SE27 9AA

Vaccinations and Microchipping in London

RSPCA Putney Animal Hospital: 0300 123 0716

RSPCA National Control Centre: 0300 1234 999

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