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Our Consultation Services

Routine consultations are regularly held throughout our practice, seven days a week.

This means that no matter the day, you are able to benefit from a personal service, with practical pet-care or treatment advice.


The Consultation Process

During your consultation, your vet will go through the medical history of your pet, and will also explain all the different options that are available. This is the ideal time to ask for their advice, especially if your pet is new to you and you need some help with their care.


How Long are Our Consultations?

20, 30 or 40-minute consultations are available. However, we want to give you as much time as you need to discuss the requirements of your pet, so please let us know if you need longer.

Longer consultations give your pet the chance to get used to their new environment, which is particularly helpful if they’re feeling poorly and aren’t used to a veterinary practice.


Anaesthesia Services

We pride ourselves on performing the safest anaesthesia procedures on your pet.

Your veterinary surgeon will determine which anaesthetic is best for your animal and for the procedure being performed.


The Anaesthesia Process

Before putting your pet under anaesthetic, we will take a small sample of their blood to see whether they may have a bad reaction. We use many of the same anaesthetic agents that are used in human surgery.

Doses of emergency drugs, that may be required, will be pre-calculated before commencing anaesthesia to help minimise any risk.

Short procedures are conducted under short-acting anaesthetics or sedation; these are injected into the muscle or vein.

Longer procedures are carried out under general anaesthesia, which is delivered through a tube placed in the windpipe.


What We Use

We currently use propofol and isoflurane, which are considered the best possible and safest anaesthetic agents for animals.

This results in less stress on the heart, kidneys and liver and allows very accurate adjustments to anaesthetic levels.

Because of its superior safety features, Isoflurane is especially beneficial if your pet is old, ill or debilitated or is an exotic species. Plus, your pet will wake up more quickly and smoothly after surgery or dentistry.


Pet Passport Services

If you’re travelling abroad with your dog or cat, then you’re going to need a pet passport.

It’s never been easier to take your pet with you to the EU and other long-haul countries.

Who Can Help?

Our resident Official Veterinarians Jack and Natalie are able to issue pet passports, as well as help with any queries you may have when taking your animal abroad.

Things to Remember


To get a passport, your pet must have:

A microchip.

A valid rabies vaccination that has been administered at least 21 days before you’re due to travel. Regular boosters are needed for you to keep the pet passport.

Been treated for tapeworm (by a vet) anywhere from 24 to 120 hours before re-entering the UK (for dogs only). The vet who administers the treatment must sign the pet passport to say it’s been done.


Pet Vaccination Services

Up-to-date vaccinations play a vital role in the continued good health of your beloved pet.

Our pet vaccination service gives you additional peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that your cat, dog or small animal is protected against infectious and potentially fatal diseases.Protecting Your Pet

We would recommend that if you have a new puppy or cat that they are vaccinated as soon as you are able.

Puppies can be vaccinated from six weeks old, where they can receive two vaccinations four weeks apart, then every year after. Kittens can be vaccinated from nine weeks and 12 weeks old, then every year after.

What Vaccination Services do We Provide?


Our vaccination services include:

Protection against infectious diseases

Regular booster shots

Health checks

Bespoke advice and guidance

Appointments to fit your schedule


Visiting Specialists

If you have an exotic pet or your animal has a rare illness, then you will be able to book a consultation with one of our visiting specialists.

If they are unavailable, we are also able to refer your pet to an external consultant.

How They Can Help


These specialists have decades of combined experience to draw on, with unique areas of expertise, including:

Cardiology – including cardio-respiratory ultrasounds

Specialist Ultrasound – specific organ scans and biopsies using ultrasound

Orthopaedic and Soft Tissue Surgery – cruciate repair, fractures and complicated soft tissue surgery.


AMC Office - 020 8450 2228

Out of Hours Emergencies - 020 8450 2228



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