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The Celia Hammond Animal Trust website brings you news from across the charity, our two London Veterinary Clinics, East Sussex Sanctuary and Head Office.

Enjoy your visit to our website and who knows, you may even find a new pet or two.


If you would like any further information on the work of the Trust, please send us an email (don't forget to include a telephone number with your enquiry).


Come and see our rescued cats at our Weekend Open Days!

What better way to spend a few hours than meeting some of our adorable rescued cats and kittens?

Two of our centres are open to potential adopters every weekend – so if you are interested in welcoming a new pet (or two) into your home, please do come and see us!

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff and volunteers will be on hand to talk you through the adoption process, and introduce you to some of our lovely cats and kittens!

We have all sorts of cats needing homes – from pairs of kittens to elderly cats; cats needing homes with gardens and cats suitable for indoor-only homes; single cats, pairs or trios; and (not forgetting) feral and semi-feral cats who are seeking suitable outdoor homes.

With kitten season well and truly underway, we are also caring for lots of young mothers and their newborn litters, who have been rescued from gardens, under decking, in sheds, and even hiding under rubble. They are being given lots of attention by the staff and volunteers at our centres and foster homes to get them used to human contact, and many mothers and kittens are ready to be welcomed into their forever homes right now.

All of our cats are neutered, vaccinated and microchipped, and undergo a complete health check before being homed – so you can adopt from us with full peace of mind.

The hundreds of cats and kittens waiting for new homes at our rescue centres come from all walks of life, and are a real mix of ages, looks and personalities. The one thing that they have in common, however, is that they all really deserve the chance to live a happy life in a home of their own.


Our Open Days are held at:

Greenacres Rehoming Centre & Sanctuary (Stubb Lane, Brede, Near Hastings, TN31 6BT) - open Saturday and Sunday, from 1pm- 5pm

Lewisham Rescue Centre (233-235 Lewisham Way, London, SE4 1UY) - open Saturday and Sunday, from 1pm-5pm

Canning Town Branch (151-153 Barking Road, London E16 4HQ) - Open Saturdays 1-5p.m.

We can’t wait to see you there!


Our Canning Town Branch Veterinary clinic opened in 1999 as a low cost cat and dog neutering and vaccination clinic with the objective of bringing affordable neutering and vaccinations within the reach of pet owners in East London.

Today, Canning Town is the larger of our two London Veterinary clinics and deals with a wide range of medical and surgical cases both routine and emergency including orthopaedic surgery.

Our low cost veterinary services are available to pets belonging to owners who cannot afford private veterinary fees and do not qualify for veterinary help anywhere else.


To book an appointment for your pet to see one of our vets or for advice please phone

020 7474 8811 (phones are answered Monday-Friday, 9am-5.30pm).

If you are contacting us from another veterinary practice to send a veterinary history please phone 020 7474 8811 to discuss whether we can help.


EMERGENCIES: Outside of normal working hours (Monday - Friday 9 a.m - 5.30 p.m) 'out of hours' veterinary emergency cover is provided at Canning Town Veterinary clinic.  Please phone 020 7474 8811 and listen to the answer machine message which will give you the number of the emergency vet on call - this number is for veterinary emergencies only. For routine enquiries or day time appointments please call during normal opening hours.



11 a.m - 1.30 p.m - no appointment necessary

We hold a cat and rabbit vaccination clinic every Wednesday morning - for their own safety cats and rabbits must be in a secure cat carrying basket at all times

Pets should be healthy before receiving a vaccination, if you are unsure if your pet is in good health please phone us first to discuss.

Vet Clinic Prices

The following are the costs charged at our two London clinics only.


Cat Castration: £20

Cat Spay: £25

Dog Castration: from £65

Bitch Spay: from £70

Rabbit and Guinea Pig Neutering

Female: £35

Male: £30


Female: £30

Male: £25


Cat vaccines

£20 for a course of vaccine against feline enteritis and upper respiratory tract disease

£10 for a booster vaccination against the above

£40 for a course of vaccine against feline enteritis, upper respiratory tract disease and leukaemia

£20 for a booster vaccination against the above

Dog vaccines

£36 for a course of adult/puppy vaccinations

£20 for a booster vaccination

Consultation charges at Canning Town and Lewisham Clinics

Consultation: £18

Repeat consultation: £10

Out of hours consultation: £40


Flea products and wormers

Supplied at reduced prices in the interests of animal welfare

ID Microchips: £10

All prices include VAT



Our veterinary services are available for pets whose owners are either on benefits or on a low income, and are unable to afford private veterinary services.

If you are unsure if you are eligible to use our veterinary services please give us a call to discuss.

If you are concerned that your pet is unwell please phone your nearest clinic (either Canning Town or Lewisham) so that we can advise you and if necessary make an appointment for your pet to be seen by one of our vets.

If you require advice about neutering or wish to book a neutering appointment for your pet, please phone your nearest clinic.

Vaccination Drop In Clinics

Both Canning Town and Lewisham hold Drop In Clinics, where your cat, kitten or rabbit can receive a vaccination without the need to book an appointment.

Pets should be healthy before receiving a vaccination, if you are unsure if your pet is in good health please phone us first to discuss.

Vaccination Drop In Clinics at Canning Town

Cats, kittens and rabbits: Wednesdays, 11am until 1:30pm

Cat Vaccination Drop In Clinics at Lewisham

Cats,kittens and rabbits -Thursdays, 10a.m until midday

*For their own safety cats and rabbits must be in a secure cat carrying basket at all times

For vaccinations for Dogs, Puppies or Ferrets please phone to book an appointment.

Both clinics stock a wide range of effective flea and worm treatments. Please phone to discuss your pet's needs so that we can advise you.


ATTENTION CAT OWNERS! Extra help is also available to neuter cats!

Struggling to afford to neuter your cat or got several cats and worried about the cost of neutering them all?

The good news is that there is plenty of help available to get cats neutered so please get in touch!

In addition to offering low cost neutering, microchipping and vaccinations at both of our London Cat and Dog Neuter Clinics we also accept neutering vouchers towards the cost. These vouchers are issued by Cats Protection and C4 neutering scheme. If you do not already have a neutering voucher and need one or more then we can also arrange this for you, just call us to discuss what help you need.

So if you are struggling to neuter one, two, three cats or even fifty cats, call us - we will arrange the help you need. A cat in need of neutering is never turned away!


The Importance of Vaccinations...

Puppy sick with Parvo virus infection is dumped at train station - Please vaccinate your dog!

This puppy was rescued on a Saturday night by someone who found her lying on the ground at Canning Town train station.

They took her home for the weekend, but it was clear that she was very unwell and didn't want to eat, had bloody diarrhea and was weak and lethargic.

On Monday morning they brought her to Canning Town clinic for help.

One of our vets examined her and was concerned that she had Parvo virus, a test confirmed this diagnosis. She was immediately placed on a drip and admitted to the clinic where she was cared for in isolation. Thankfully she went on to make a full recovery.

Parvo virus is a nasty virus which is most common in puppies because their immune systems are less well developed. The virus is highly contagious and can survive in the environment for months.

It is very important to vaccinate puppies before they come in contact with other dogs or are allowed to exercise in public places such as parks. There are currently cases of Parvo virus in both East and South London. The virus can also easily be carried in to your home on your shoes and we recommend that anyone with a puppy or dog that is not vaccinated at least removes their shoes when entering their home to reduce the risk.

Symptoms of Parvo virus infection are vomiting, bloody, foul smelling diarrhea, lethargy and loss of appetite. A puppy infected with Parvo virus has about a 50% chance of surviving provided it receives prompt veterinary attention. If the puppy survives the first 3-4 days of treatment the chances of recovery are good.

It is very important to vaccinate your puppy against Parvo virus. Puppies require a course of vaccinations ideally at 8 weeks and again at 12 weeks. Dogs then require an annual booster vaccination to maintain immunity. If you are struggling to afford to vaccinate your dog, please contact either of our London veterinary clinics which both offer low cost vaccinations.


Celia Hammond Animal Trust - Canning Town Veterinary Clinic

151 -153, Barking Road, London E16 4HQ

Tel 020 7474 8811

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