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Offering a wide range of Aesthetic Facials in Liverpool

Rejuvenation Facial

From £65.00

Dull, tired, congested skin? Our Rejuvenation Facial could be the treatment for you. Skin will be cleansed then rejuvenated with a treatment of luxury Diamond Microdermabrasion. Diamond Microdermabrasion is a brand new technology that is much less abrasive than standard Microdermabrasion. The treatment will unblock pores, encourage cellular renewal and stimulate collagen production leaving skin bright and smoother than ever before. We usually recommend a course of 3-6 Facials depending on the clients skin type to ensure optimum results.


Bespoke Facial

From £100.00

The Aesthetics Of Liverpool Bespoke Facial is a premium facial which incorporates the latest Aesthetic Technologies to create a facial tailored specifically for your needs. The treatment will be adapted to your skin type and condition and what you are hoping to achieve. From Wrinkles to Acne we use four electrical Aesthetic Treatments to achieve maximum results followed by cosmeceutical products which penetrate down to the lower levels of skin to achieve maximum results. Prior to the facial you will have an initial consultation whereby we can create a completely bespoke facial treatment for you.


HIFU Facial

From £600.00

HIFU stands for High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound. It is an advanced cosmetic technology aiming to significantly tighten and lift areas of the face, with effects lasting up to two years. HIFU also known as the Non-Surgical Facelift is a lifting and firming treatment that allows clients to achieve younger and healthier looking skin. Some clients take drastic measures to turn back the clock, however the Non-Surgical Face-lift is able to renew skins collagen and restore a radiant wrinkle free look. With no injections or downtime HIFU is able to dramatically reduce the signs of ageing without the need for surgery.


Express Hydraboost Rejuvenation Facial with in depth skin analysis and collagen mask

From £110.00

The Express Hydraboost Facial is the perfect antidote to dull lifeless skin. A potent cocktail of nutrients is driven deeper into the skin using soundwaves and pulses working to nourish and hydrate. A collagen mask is then applied to the skin to encourage the production of collagen in the skins lower levels and allow skin to appear more youthful than ever before. Your skin analysis will use state of the art technology to evaluate your skins condition and will allow us to recommend the best actions for you to take to maintain your new glowing complexion!


Detox Facial

From £100.00

A detoxifying and purifying facial treatment for any skin type presenting with blemish concerns or environmental intoxication. … Skin texture is smoothed and refined, inflammation and blemishes reduced, pores minimised, and the skin feels comforted and healthy.


Contact Aesthetics of Liverpool

6 Castle Street, Liverpool, L2 0NB

Instagram: aestheticsofliverpool

Tel: 0151 203 1393


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