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Permanent Makeup Removal

Eye & Lip Tattoo Removal in London


Over the last decade, permanent makeup has become extremely popular and widely available. The results are often very flattering, but unfortunately, due to bad technique and colour choice, sometimes there’s the need to remove the permanent makeup or tattoo.

There have been a number of removal options available for tattoos in the past. Laser removal is the most popular, and this is a great option for large, black tattoos, but it can be enormously difficult to remove colour tattoos (whites/greens) using this method.

Laser removal can also cause scarring and is not always appropriate for clients with darker skins.

Saline removals are also often used for fading permanent makeup. This method is safe and effective, although the healing can be invasive and the process is slow.

Effective for all permanent makeup including eyebrows, eyeliner & lip colour

Can be used on all colours of tattoos and makeup

Quick to heal, gentle to apply


We are very pleased to be able to offer an alternative option which is effective, gentle and can be used on all colour tattoos and permanent makeup, including brows, eyeliner and lip colour – the NPM removal system.


Permanent Makeup Lips

Lip Blush and 3D Permanent Makeup

If you are considering Permanent Makeup for your Lips, there are a number of treatments available from a subtle lip tint to a more dramatic wash of colour. Wouldn’t you love to have fuller, younger looking lips with a colour that is incredibly flattering to your skin and best of all, no need to constantly reapply lipstick or gloss.


3D Lip Blush

This is our most popular lip treatment; it includes redefining and evening out the lip border and adding a wash of custom blended colour but without the obvious lip border that can look outdated. We use pigments that are a match for your lip and add a tint which will brighten the area, similar to a lip stain.

This treatment leaves the lips looking fuller, more youthful and without the need for lipstick.


Lip Contour

As we age lips can lack definition around the border, which can wash out and age the face. Lips lose colour, our natural border diminishes and the cupids bow straightens out.

We will even out and sharpen up the borders of the lips either using pigments that match your lip colour or a complimentary shade. These borders can be defined or natural depending on your preference but will create fuller and younger looking lips.



Permanent Eyeliner Treatment

This is a must have for anyone who wishes to define their eyes – we have a range of options from a discreet lash liner to a stronger evening look to suit every face.

Do you have problems applying eyeliner, wear contact lenses, have allergies to makeup or would just like to wake up with a more defined eye then let us create the perfect look for you. We will work with you during your consultation to find the most flattering shape and colour for your treatment, you will be left with a beautiful, long lasting liner.


Discreet Lash Liner

If you have sparse eyelashes or simply don’t have the time or skill to apply eyeliner then this is a great option. We will apply a discreet line within the lashes making your eyes look more defined and with fuller lashes.


Natural Eyeliner

This is a more defined look, but still very natural we will create a fine line above the lashes, lovely look for the day.


Extended Day Liner

Wider than the Natural Eyeliner, this look is still natural but with a thicker line above the lashes and a cat’s eye extension.


Evening Liner

The evening liner is a bold, thick line above the lashes incorporating a winged cats eye, great if you prefer an evening look to your eye makeup If you would like more information or to book your appointment, please contact us.


Tel: 0207 792 9132


Permanent Makeup Lips / Eyeliner

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