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Prestige Nursing + Care has extensive experience in caring for and supporting clients of every age with complex and specialist needs.


Our specialist care and support homecare services provide more intensive assistance for the health, rehabilitation and psychological needs of you, or a loved one. These can range from long-term conditions, deteriorating health, acquired injuries and neurological conditions, to learning disabilities support. We support individuals who have challenging behaviours, and specific needs to help them adopt coping mechanisms in their daily life.


Our care and support can be nurse-led, and requires a highly train team of professionals.

We provide:

- Nursing care for complex conditions

- Brain injury & neurological care

- Children & young people

- Learning disabilities support

- End of life care


Our team approach to high quality specialist homecare services

At Prestige Nursing + Care, we understand the importance of working closely with every health professional who is involved in the care and support of you, or a loved one. We are part of the team that supports you, including your:

Community nursing teams

Community mental health teams

Other outpatient services, including physiotherapy and occupational health


Nursing care homecare services for Complex Conditions

Prestige Nursing + Care provides nursing care at home to help you manage complex health and medical conditions. Complex, terminal, life-limiting or specialist medical conditions require more intensive care and support if you, or a loved one, wish to remain at home. Access to specialist nursing care provides a valuable service to help support independent living for you, or a loved one.


We can provide services for the following:


Suctioning Oral and Tracheal

Oxygen Therapy

Epilepsy Rescue Medication- Buccal midazolam & Rectal Diazapam

PEG (Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy) and JEJ (Jejunostomy)

NG (Nasogastric)

Ileostomy (Stoma/Colostomy)

Complex Bowel Management

Cough Assist and Assisted Cough


CPAP – (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure)

BPAP (Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure)

NIPPY (Non-Invasive Positive Pressure Ventilation)


Homecare & support services for Brain Injury & Neurological Conditions

Caring for and supporting someone with a brain injury or neurological condition can require round the clock care and an understanding of very complex needs and demands. At Prestige Nursing + Care we specialise in working with case managers whose role it is to commission a package of care and support services to help assist and care for you, or a loved one, on a daily basis. This can be 24 hour live-in care, or a visit programme tailored to support rehabilitation.

Highly-skilled care is frequently required to support a number of clinical, therapeutic and community healthcare professionals, from consultant neurologist to physiotherapist, speech and language therapist and members of a community healthcare team.


Support services for children and young people

At Prestige Nursing + Care we believe passionately that everyone has the right to a full and happy life in their own home whatever their age, ability or background. We provide a bespoke service with 1 hour to 24 hour care to suit your needs. We can provide care and support for a range of physical and mental health and medical conditions, some of which can be terminal and life-limiting:

Supporting a young person living in assisted independent accommodation,

Offering respite care for a child with a disability and their family,

Providing palliative care for a child with a terminal illness.


Our aim is to provide complete peace of mind for our child and young adult clients, and their families, and a seamless continuity of support through to adulthood.


Our dedicated team for children & young adult care

Our support and care plans for every one of our child and young adult clients are overseen by our Lead Nurse for Paediatric Services, and are shared with GPs, community health team, the Local Authority, education establishments, and employer, if applicable.

All Prestige Nursing + Care staff from Head Office to each nurse and carer are fully DBS-checked to work with children and young people. We are highly selective about the nurses and carers we employ, who all undergo an intensive Prestige training programme before they are assigned a care and support programme. Every nurse and carer is continuously monitored to ensure that they are providing the highest standards of support and care.

Each of our branches is CQC registered and works closely with the local authority and NHS teams in GP practices, community health and other specialist treatment units.


Contact us to discuss your support needs

Our Approach to Supporting Children and Young People

Providing care and support for children and young people can be complex as wider support is often required for their family, or loved ones. Young people who are over 18 may already be living independently and require support both at home, escorting to further education, in the community and at work.

Prestige Nursing + Care support and home care services are designed to be unique to the requirements of the individual child or young person and provide wider support for families. Our support and care plans are carefully considered with your GP, community health teams, local authority teams, schools, colleges and a workplace, if applicable, and comply with the Common Assessment Framework process. This process protects children and young people up to the age of 19 (or 24 if a young person with a disability) to be safe and protected and able to enjoy life, achieve independence and be socially active in their community. We support fully the Every Child Matters initiative.

We will help and advise you without obligation on the types of support packages that are available and how we can support your child, or loved one’s needs in the most practical and affordable way from respite care, specialist nursing care to personal care and companionship at home.

Our Partners in Supporting Children & Young People


We work closely with Whizz-Kidz, a national charity which helps transform the lives of disabled children.

Prestige is a member of Headway, the brain injury charity, with whom we work closely to deliver training programmes, The British Association of Brain Injury Case Managers and the Spinal Injuries Association.

Please contact us to learn how we can support your child, or loved one, and you.


Head Office

Greenview House

5 Manor Road, Wallington, Surrey SM6 0BW

Tel: 02082 547 500

Specialist homecare services

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