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Welcome to Bristol's leading homecare service - Rated Outstanding by CQC


At some point in our lives we all need care or support, someone to make things easier, someone who can help enhance our quality of life, enjoy time with loved ones or remain active and part of the community.

Premier Homecare provide superior private home care and community care support in the North Bristol and South Gloucestershire areas. With our head offices based in Westbury-on-Trym and Stoke Bishop, Bristol, Premier Homecare has been supporting the local area with acclaimed home care services since 2004.

We care for elderly and disabled adults, helping them to retain their independence in the comfort of their own homes and communities. We are also here to support family members who care for loved ones - we know enjoying life with family and friends is important.

Our services range from help with cleaning and other domestic tasks, shopping meal preparation, getting out and about and being part of the local community, to all aspects of personal care. This might include assistance with washing, bathing and dressing or medication. It might be simply sitting and providing companionship and company.


Our home care support services...are rated Outstanding by CQC

Our aim is to assist you in all areas of homecare and support. By talking with you we will identify your specific needs and requirements, enabling us to prepare a personalised package of care.

Premier Homecare is registered and complies with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) who regulate, inspect and review all adult social care services in the public, private and voluntary sectors. All of the staff at Premier Homecare are trained to the highest standard and regularly receive ongoing training; this ensures you receive the best possible care.


Convalescence and Respite Care

There may be times you feel you need help following a stay in hospital or a period of ill-health. This may be on a temporary basis whilst you recuperate or could be a more permanent arrangement. Whatever the situation, we will be more than happy to discuss your thoughts and requirements with you.

Our Respite Care Team has a wealth of experience in helping to ensure your discharge from hospital goes as smoothly as possible. This includes offering advice and highlighting issues to discuss with members of the hospital team before discharge.

Our Homecare Team is here to assist and support you during your recovery. Whether you require assistance with personal care or domestic tasks such as cleaning, laundry or shopping or just a change of scenery…we’re here to help.


Night Care Support

Premier Homecare can arrange care for you through the night, ensuring you feel secure and safe.

Our night service is divided, for simplicity, into 2 categories, depending on your overnight needs:


Night Care - Awake

This service is for clients who require frequent attention during the night. We can accommodate all of your needs; these could include help with personal care, toileting, supporting with medication, preparing drinks and assisting with your general comfort


Night Care - Sleeping

Our sleeping nights service is for people who in the main, sleep throughout the night, but who occasionally just need that added reassurance our care worker is on hand. We offer two options:


Option 1:

Your care worker, will need to be provided with a bed and will be able to offer support up to twice during the night

Option 2:

Your care worker, will need to be provided with a bed and will be able to offer support up to four times during the night


24 Hour Live-In Care for older people

Our affordable service is for anyone wishing to remain in their own home. It is a popular and positive alternative to residential provides total peace of mind for you and your loved ones, the benefits of our service is immeasurable. Be more relaxed and less stressed in your own home; our package of care is completely tailored to your way of life and around your needs and expectations. Care can range from basic to complex levels of support.

Choosing care for a loved one is not an easy decision. At the forefront of most peoples’ minds are questions about whether the service they choose will fit their particular situation. To make an informed choice you need to know your options and be familiar with the different care services available to you. Details of our Live-In Care packages are available on request.


The benefits of Premier Homecare 24 Hour Live-In Care include:

Costs comparable to many care homes in Bristol

Staying in your own home and maintaining your chosen lifestyle

A carefully selected, dedicated carer providing one-to-one continuity of care

Fully employed carers - taking away the worry of employment law, payroll, tax and national insurance etc


A fully managed quality service encompassing a strict recruitment procedure including:

Face to face interviews

Full criminal record checks

Holiday and sickness cover

Training and supervision to ensure our quality service is maintained

Continual managerial support for both carer and you


Personal Home Care Support service

A Premier Homecare careworker will be able to care for you in your own home offering personal care such as helping you to get up in the morning, help with washing, bathing, showering, toileting, support with continence care, help with dressing, bed-making and helping you go to bed at night.


Personal Home Care Support service

Supporting with your morning routine

Help with washing, bathing or showering

Help with shaving and oral hygiene

Skin and pressure area monitoring and care

Toileting and/or support with continence care

Dressing and personal grooming

Bed-making or changing

Supporting you with your bedtime routine


We recognise it can be difficult to ask for help in this area; we would reassure you all of our staff are selected and trained to ensure your care is carried out in a discreet and professional manner respecting your privacy and dignity. Moreover, our Carers are all trained in the latest safe techniques to physically assist throughout personal care and will help you to maintain your modesty at a level they feel comfortable with.

We provide visits ranging from 45 minutes to 24 hours a day, depending upon your requirements.


Medication Management

We take the administration and recording of medication very seriously; we ensure our careworkers are fully trained and qualified in this key area.


Our medication services range from:

Ordering repeat prescriptions from your GP

Collecting medication from the Pharmacy

Checking the medication is correct against our medication charts

Assisting with administering or prompting of tablets, medicines, creams etc

Ensuring all medication is recorded accurately to ensure safety

Liaising with your GP or District Nurse on your behalf, should there be any concerns or queries around any aspects your medication

All of the above is subject to limitations which we can explain to you.


General Healthcare & Well-being at Home

Do you worry about health problems? We can offer comprehensive support with all your health and personal needs...let us help you cope better with life and the daily challenges it brings.

We live in an ageing society; older people need a safe environment to live life to the full...we can support you to live an active fulfilling life but still provide you with choice and control.


Sometimes making decisions can be difficult...we offer a range of different types of support to help take the stress out of your life. We can:

Liaise with Doctors, District Nurses and Pharmacies on your behalf

Arrange and accompany you on Dental or Hospital Appointments

Help to maximise mobility...liaise with health professionals such as Occupational Therapists for aids and equipment

Liaise with Chiropodists and Podiatrists on your behalf

Help to motivate you with exercising...nutrition and safety


Elderly Care Service at Home in Bristol

At Premier Homecare we recognise a person's optimal choice would usually be to remain in their own home, rather than the alternative of nursing home care. We see every day the difference it makes to our clients to stay in a familiar and comfortable environment, so we do all that we can to enable our clients in Bristol to live at home.

Our Elderly Care Service is centred absolutely on a personal approach and a commitment to the highest standards of quality care; we believe that our elderly clients deserve professional support at home.

Factors such as health and disability can have a varying impact on the ability of an individual to continue making the lifestyle choices they are used to. This is why Premier Homecare careworkers are trained to a high professional standard to support individuals with the challenges of everyday life ranging from personal care such as washing and getting dressed, to domestic care duties such as laundry and cleaning. If required, we are more than happy to take our clients to the shops in and around Bristol to choose their own shopping or to do this on their behalf if this is what they would prefer.


Our Elderly Care facts

We will, without exception, treat you and your family with respect, courtesy and dignity

We will support you to be as independent as possible

We take great care in selecting caring, trustworthy, reliable staff members with whom you can feel completely comfortable


Dementia Care and Support Bristol

At Premier Homecare we understand whilst some symptoms are common to many people living with dementia, each person’s experience of the disease and how they cope with it will be unique to that individual.

When a person with dementia finds that their memory and reasoning are declining, they're likely to feel anxious, stressed and scared; naturally this can be very frustrating and upsetting for them. A person with dementia, can be helped to feel more secure by creating a regular, safe, daily routine in a relaxed environment, where they are encouraged and not criticised.

Involving the person with dementia in everyday tasks may make that person feel useful and improve their sense of self-worth; however, we respect and understand as their dementia progresses, these tasks may become harder for them to manage independently….that is why Premier Homecare is on hand to provide additional support when the time or need arises.

Our approach in supporting someone living with dementia (and of course, their family) is to offer continued support in a sensitive and non-critical manner. At Premier Homecare we appreciate it can be very important for theperson with dementia to feel they are still of worth and valued.


Examples of our approach when caring for someone with dementia are:

We’ll try to do things with the person, and not just do things for them.

We’ll be very patient-giving them plenty of time, supporting and caring for the person with reassurance and encouragement.

We’ll help the person to achieve small, manageable tasks, thereby helping to raise their self-esteem.

We’ll think through ways to make things a little easier for the person living with dementia. For example, for someone in the early stages of dementia we may look at using memory aids around the home to help the person remember.


Many people with dementia will still enjoy their hobbies or interests. Our carers are able to become involved in these whether it is accompany a person on a walk, or provide companionship and interaction by participating in a familiar board game, or looking through old family photographs.

If the person with dementia was previously very sociable and outgoing, or if they have a large family, they may really enjoy visits at home from one or two family members or friends-we can help organise these visits, and liaise with family and friends.


Premier Homecare's Dementia Care Team can:

Help someone living with dementia with everyday tasks in a safe environment

Maintain good health and nutrition in someone with dementia

Help deal with incontinence issues

Assist with washing, bathing or showering

Help with dressing and personal grooming

Make or change beds

Assist with preparation and assistance at meal times

Provide companionship and interaction


Importantly, we can also help those caring for someone with dementia. This role can be difficult at times as family members and friends try to come to terms with the effects dementia has on them. Having regular outside support from Premier Homecare to allow the carer of a person with dementia to take a break can help the carer retain healthy life-balance and have a better relationship with the person they are caring for.


Companionship Services at Home

Families naturally lead busy lives with numerous responsibilities; often people live long distances from loved ones all of which adds to the challenge of ensuring the risk of an older person experiencing loneliness is reduced. At Premier Homecare we appreciate loneliness can facilitate a difficult cycle of behaviour. An older person who might once have been confident and independent, but has found themselves in an isolated situation, may become withdrawn and wary of other people after prolonged periods of minimal contact with anyone. Loneliness can lead to depression and anxiety, and even affect physical health. The value of companionship care services therefore, can never be underestimated.

A Premier Homecare Companion Carer is there to become a ‘professional friend’ to whoever they are caring for, whilst enjoying day to day responsibilities and activities together. Having a Companion Carer is often about just someone to talk to, whether that is about day to day things, the latest news, reminiscing about the past, discussing films and books, or even chatting about family history. A Companion Carer will also offer help with travel arrangements, assist with journeys to and from appointments, and accompany a person to visits with family, friends, and neighbours. Other activities could include watching films together, planning interesting outings and trips, and taking advantage of any other exciting opportunity that will allow an elderly person to enjoy themselves…Companionship Care Services can therefore be incredibly important in helping a person to continue to enjoy the things in life important to them by keeping feelings of loneliness and isolation at bay.



Westbury-on-Trym Office24 Canford Lane


Bristol, BS9 3DH


Speak to our care experts on

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