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Home & Nursing Care in London

Live-in Care


Requiring full-time care shouldn’t mean having to leave your home or living by someone else’s timetable. London Care’s live-in care service provides full-time support and gives service users the power to determine how and when they receive the assistance they need.


Live-in care is a great option for those who require high levels of support but who don’t want to sacrifice their independence or leave the home they know and love. Choosing live-in care gives the service user complete control over their own schedule, such as determining meal times, and creates an opportunity to forge a real bond with their care worker. Our live-in care workers are all trained to provide quality support across an array of practical activities from personal care, meal preparation and running errands through to managing correspondence. They are also given specialist training to accommodate your particular health needs.

Welcoming someone into your home on a full-time basis is a big step but London Care has designed the process to be as smooth as possible. We take the time to find a care worker who is best suited to your needs and lifestyle; our objective is to pair you with someone with whom you can build a real, lasting relationship


Extra Care


Needing access to high quality care around the clock needn’t mean sacrificing all of your independence or privacy.
Extra Care, sometimes known as assisted or supported living, provides service users with access to high levels of care without having to sacrifice all of their autonomy. Our schemes operate in purpose-built properties, which provide accessible and safe housing for older people who are unable to live completely independently. Our skilled and specially trained care worker teams are on site twenty-four hours a day, ready to provide support as and when it is required. Our Extra Care Schemes strike an important balance for service users who require high levels of support but don’t wish to yield all of their independence.

Whilst our Extra Care Schemes have a communal spirit, the care we give our service users is highly personalised. We build tailored care plans which accommodate not just the assessed needs of the service user, but also their unique preferences and aspirations. This enables us to deliver a personalised, outcome-focused service. So, whilst tenants in our Extra Care schemes can access the benefits of their community, they can still count on getting the person-centred care they desire.

The care workers at our Extra Care sites are passionate about creating vibrant communities in which service users can play as active a role as they choose. In addition to developing a calendar of engaging social activities, we also run scheme-wide initiatives which help service users to stay fit and healthy, such as onsite GP clinics, nutrition workshops and exercise programmes.


Support for people with physical disabilities


Having specialist care needs should not prevent you from taking full advantage of everything life has to offer. Our care workers provide support at home which enables people with physical disabilities to live independent and active lives.
We help people with the full range of daily living tasks whether personal care, meal preparation, laundry, shopping, housework or managing finances and correspondence. In addition we support our physically disabled service users to lead an active social life, supporting them outside as well as inside the home.

Our care plans are built to accommodate not just the assessed needs of the service user, but also their preferences and aspirations. This person-centred, outcome-focused approach gives our service users more choice and control over when and how they access the support they need.

When want your care workers to be a great fit with your life, so we take the time to learn about your needs, interests and preferences and match workers with you accordingly.

As well as supporting adults with physical disabilities, we also provide support to many children and young people. With extra checks and specialist training for staff, we are able to help these younger service users to get the best start in life and to do our bit to offer them as fun-filled and active a childhood as possible.


Support for people with learning disabilities


We believe that having specialist care support needs should not prevent you from taking full advantage of everything life has to offer. Our support workers provide support to help people with learning disabilities to lead independent and active lives, whether they live with family carers, in their own homes or in a supported living setting.
We user person-centred approaches to support people with learning disabilities to fulfil their potential and to make as many choices about their lives as they are able. We also work hard to ensure that where our support staff make choices on behalf of a service user who lacks the mental capacity to make those choices, they do so in the service user’s best interests.

We see the person before the disability, even where a service user’s behaviour is very challenging. Our support staff receive extensive training in supporting people who might present behaviour that is difficult to manage and we always have the rights, dignity and safety of our service users at the forefront of our minds.

We support dozens of people with learning disabilities to maximise their independence whatever the extent of their impairment. Whether providing sensory stimulation to the most profoundly disabled or supporting young adults to set up independently in a new home, we adhere to our principles of empowerment and person-centredness, making a real difference to every individual we support and focusing on achievable aspirations and goals.

Importantly, we take special care to ensure that we match the right care worker with the right service user, looking to build a relationship centred on trust and companionship.


End of life care


Just as every person has the right to live the life of their choosing in dignity, so we believe that everyone also should have the right to die in a dignified manner. Our specialist end of life care teams help many people with terminal illnesses to die at home in the way they feel most comfortable, in many cases surrounded by their families and loved ones.
Working closely with palliative nurses and other care teams, our end of life teams help service users to plan and manage the final weeks, days and hours of life, managing pain and discomfort and putting into effect agreed plans of care. Our staff are trained and supported to understand and cope with the unique challenges and pressures of this type of care, providing unobtrusive, sensitive support which promotes dignity.

Receiving end of life care at home, rather than in a hospital or hospice, allows the service user to be close to their family and to draw comfort from familiar surroundings. Family members can also be more confident that their loved one is receiving a personalised programme of care, helping to raise the quality of the time they have left.


Contact Us

Head Office - for general enquiries only: 

Caparo House

101-103 Baker Street

London, W1U 6LN

Tel: 020 7186 0518


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