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I am a linguistic and a *certified* Language Coach. A job that I truely adore! I am passionate language learner myself. Learning the foreign languages that I speak has been one of the best investments in terms of time and money that I have ever made, beacuse eventually it allowed me to open up to many different cultures and countries. Also, learning a new language helps our brains to stay fit the same way as traning at a gym helps our body to be healthy. I have lived and taught languages in France, Italy, Spain, Slovakia and recently in Japan.



During my formal classes I use a text book (PDF provided) as a guide which I combine with authentic material or material that a create myself. I am a big fan of the communicative approach and I do believe the building a nice vocab is the key to the master the fluency, so that in my classes you will find a focus on words and vocab.


Also, I am really proud of my culture and interested in every form of art therefore in my class I will make sure will learn a lot about Italian culture and lifestyle.


Finally, you are very welcome to book a course with me if you are a serious and motivated learner. Learning, to be effective and efficient (and fast) must be planned and you are the right student for me if you are committed to achieve results and to dedicate some of your free time to study with me.



I have a certification that qualifies me as a Teacher of Italian as a foreign language.

Teaching Languagues and, especially Italian, is my full time job.

I am a Polylglot (I have a lot of first hand experience learning a language from scratch or improving my already consolidated skills).

If you are still not sure…just mail me a few lines about you as a student and I will come up with a few learning options for you.



a notebook, a keyboard, a lot of ENTHUSIASM and a bit of patience.


THE prince includes: HOMEWORK, REGULARY CHECKS AND A SYLLABUS in order to keep you motivated :)


I am blog about Italian language too, sometimes! Check my blog out and join my FB page to get extra free materials :)



Tutor of Italian language


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