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Hi everyone!

My name is Maria, I’m 38 and I’m a French & Spanish Language Coach.

I'm also the founder and director of Learn&Co, a high-end language tutoring agency.


The Story

Before Learn&Co’s conception, I was a high-level languages tutor for over 10 years, helping individuals from all different walks of life truly realise their language potential. This ranged from helping students with exams and ensuring excellent grades to helping professionals boost their value in the workplace by growing their skill set. I did this for many years and truly had a passion for it.

After being in the tutoring space for over a decade however, I came to realise that there was a huge gap between supply and demand in the language tutoring space, especially as the need for language skills were only becoming greater. More global interconnectedness meant people wanted to be able to communicate with each other thoughtfully and effectively, and what I saw was a huge lack of companies willing to go that extra mile to help people do this.

I founded Learn&Co in 2014 with the goal of filling this gap, and it has been my mission since to truly support people, from individuals to companies, on their language journeys. To do this, I have taken the knowledge I have amassed from my extensive career and instilled it into this company. This has involved crafting well-structured and professional courses for all levels and hiring highly tested and experienced tutors who share my mission.

Seven years later, Learn&Co has grown into the company I envisioned back in 2014 and has helped countless people realise their language potential. We have received great feedback for all our high-quality courses, and continue to grow everyday.


The Service: Spanish

We offer a range of language services here at Learn&Co, but Spanish in particular is one where we are extremely well versed. We have a number of experienced Spanish tutors to suit all requirements, whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced.

We have helped:

Students raise their grades, whether it be GCSE’s or AS/A2, and gained entrance into some of the top Russell group universities including Oxbridge, Durham, Eton and Westminster.

Prepared professionals from leading companies in the UK on how not only to speak Spanish but use it effectively within a corporate setting. Doing so has not only made them more valuable but expanded their future opportunities.

Those just wishing to learn the language for personal development or to use whilst on their travels.

If you're interested in getting more info, don’t hesitate to get in touch! With our expertise, I am sure we can support you in whatever your goal is and demonstrate to you what separates Learn&Co from the rest!


Spanish Tuition with Experienced Tutors - Fulham, London
All Levels - Adults, GCSE/A-Level, Uni Students

Contact Learn&Co:

+44 (0) 203 488 6832



40 Furness road

London, SW6 2LH

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