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Bringing you affordable, high quality care


Our veterinary nurses work directly with pet owners in the appointments and clinics they run within the practice.


These appointments can cover anything from nutrition and fitness advice, grooming techniques, to pet socialisation classes. In these appointments or clinics, you can build brilliant relationships with your veterinary nurse and other pet owners, as you learn about all the important aspects of pet ownership.


Our veterinary nurses are experienced and passionate about animal welfare, and these appointments and clinics are a brilliant way to learn the best methods for caring for your pet.


Here are just some of the great nurse appointments and clinics on offer, but pop into your local Vets4Pets practice or ask at reception to find out more:

2nd vaccinations

Weight clinics


Dental care and advice

Dealing with behavioural problems

Nail clippings

Puppy socialisation

Senior clinics


Should you ever bring your pet into the practice for a procedure, our veterinary nurses will be there every step of the way.


Our vet nurses will often admit pets for investigations or surgery. During this appointment, they will walk you through the procedure and deal with any questions or concerns you might have.

They will hospitalise your pet and ensure they are as calm and comfortable as possible.


They will then help the vet with anything from placing IV catheters, taking blood samples to assisting with radiography and ultrasoundexaminations. If surgery is required, nurses will ensure your pet's skin is clipped and cleaned appropriately. They will monitor anaesthetics providing information to the vet as well as assisting with surgery when required.


Post-operation, they will nurse your pet through their recovery whilst ensuring they are comfortable at all times. They will also continue supporting you by being there to answer any questions you may have.


When they aren’t consulting, helping with surgery or carrying out in-patient care, there still isn’t any rest for our veterinary nurses!


They are in charge of keeping the practice and all the medical equipment maintained, cleaned and sterilised. They also keep on top of the practice dispensary including checking, correctly storing and ordering of medicines and checking prescriptions.


Glasgow Forge Vets4Pets Limited

Inside Pets at Home

The Forge Retail Park

71 Biggar Street



G31 4BH

Call us: 0141 551 3630

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