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Cats, Dogs & Peace of Mind, and the Otto & Alice Mobile Grooming Studio


Bespoke Dog Walking, Cat Sitting, Pet Care, Pet Grooming


Cats, Dogs & Peace of Mind (CDPOM for short!) tailors the way we look after your pets to your specifications. As a result, we have been trusted to look after dogs, cats and other small pets since 19 November 1999.

We covet our reputation for being the best at what we do. Since the business was founded we’ve learned to solve almost every challenge that can occur when taking responsibility for looking after other people’s animals as well as their homes.

We can sit down face-to-face and come up with a plan for looking after your pets while you are away, or simply too busy. Whether it’s taking into account your cat or dog’s diet needs or your pet’s exercise regime, we are keen to give you the benefit of the experience we have built up over the years.

For more information call: 07973 692509 or email:


Comprehensive: Dog Walking & Pet Care in London

For those of you who live in London, England Cats, Dogs & Peace of Mind’ team of professionally trained pet carers and dog walkers can look after your pets in their own homes while you’re away, or simply too busy!

Unlike faceless, online agencies like Tailster and Cat In A Flat, we take complete responsibility for each and every carer commissioned to look after your pets. We meet every owner and pet that we look after before we start.

All our carers abide by our comprehensive code of conduct – set out in our tried-and-tested CDPOM Pet Carers’s Handbook™ – and CDPOM accepts liability for each and every one of them.

We insist that each carer or dog walker is given thorough and professional training. During this period, their attitude, personality, and credibility are checked. The business only uses people who have been living where they live for at least a year, and who have excellent spoken and written English.

Your contract is with Celebrate Pets Ltd (trading as Cats, Dogs & Peace of Mind) so you can rely on the trust we have built up since 1999. We guarantee that your pet will never miss a visit because one of our carers is away on holiday or off ill.


Priceless Convenience: Mobile Grooming

For people in both London and North West Kent, our Otto & Alice Mobile Grooming Studio is available to visit your home or workplace and pamper your cats and dogs, whatever the breed, with the very latest in grooming techniques, from dog washing through styling to nail clipping and micro-chipping.


Priceless Convenience because we come to you.

What this service offers is Priceless Convenience because we come to you! This not only saves you time but also in doing so it will save you money too.


Dog Training, Tools, Food & Support: For Dogs

Wherever you live, our pets can sometimes do things which we would prefer they did not. What Celebrate Dogs offers is referrals to fast, simple and easy ways to deal with your dog’s behaviour problems.

You can also find all the dog collars, leads, bowls, and dog apparel and clothing that you may need to make your dog as happy and comfortable as possible in The Dog Shop.


Cat Training, Tools, Food & Support: For Cats

At Celebrate Cats we aim to provide the most comprehensive information about living in harmony with your feline friends. The Cat Shop is there to provide everything you may need – including collars, leads, bowls, apparel, and clothing – to make your life with your cat as happy and comfortable as possible.

Our aim is eventually to provide all these services and products through sister brands, like Celebrate Small Pets, Celebrate Lizards & Reptiles, and Celebrate Chickens. But all in good time!


Cat Sitting

Cat Sitting in London

Cat sitting is about looking after cats in their own homes. It is recommended by the experts, including those of the Cats Protection League because cats are so territorial.

Cats, Dogs & Peace of Mind (CDPOM for short!) has been looking after cats & small pets by visiting them and cat-sitting them in their own homes since 1999.


To find out more read what our customers say, call 07973 692509



Why home is best for cats when you are away

Much of a cat’s feeling of security and ability to relax comes from being surrounded by the familiar sights, sounds and scents of his or her own territory.

As  a result the experts advise that it’s not a good idea to take your cat with you on holiday. Cats are simply happiest in the surroundings they know. That is why Cats, Dogs & Peace of Mind looks after people’s cats in their own homes while you’re away, or simply too busy!

We do this in two ways. The first and most popular cost-effective way is by visiting your cats in their own home. Most customers ask for one visit a day, but some – especially if their cats are on medication, for example because they are diabetic and need insulin jabs morning and evening – request two visits a day.

On occasion, we are also asked to live in with a customer’s cat or cats and this is possible – if we have the availability.

Cat sitting is hassle free & what your cat prefers

Making arrangements for Cats, Dogs & Peace of Mind to look after your cat in his or her own home while you’re away is not only a sound choice – it’s what your cat would prefer.

And a big bonus of leaving your much-loved pets in the care of CDPOM’s thorough, professional loving carers, is that it’s so simple, and takes the guilt out of going away and leaving your pets behind.

Since CDPOM was founded in 1999 we have built up an excellent and coveted reputation for cat sitting in London with our thorough, professional and loving care for people’s cats and their homes.

The cat sitting service in London is fully insured, with carers both security vetted & professionally trained to look after your animals, while also providing heightened security for your home.

There’s no need to travel to an out-of-town cattery to check that it’s suitable. After contacting Cats, Dogs & Peace of Mind, and before we start looking after your pets and your home, one of our carers will discuss your detailed requirements face to face. This enables us to find out exactly what you and your pets would like us to do in your absence.

From the moment we begin caring for your pets and home until you return we complete a daily log to keep you informed of what your animals have been up to while you’ve been away.

Quality Cat Sitting Service in London

Before we start looking after your pets and your property we arrange a free, personal visit to discuss your detailed requirements face to face. This enables you to meet us, and for us to find out what you and your pets would like done in your absence.

What we offer, at a glance:

Bespoke pet care

Full insurance cover

Security vetted carers

Cat cuddling

Water refreshing

Changing & scooping litter

Cat flap checking

Lots of play time


Hugs & kisses

Ear scratching

Belly rubbing

Informative daily logs

Increased home security

Plant watering

Garden tending


Where we work

CDPOM has been operating a pet and cat sitting service throughout much of London since 1999. To find out whether we cover your area please visit the page detailing the postcodes we cover or contact us to find out whether we can look after your cats and your home.

Elite services

On occasion customers request that a specific carer looks after their beloved pet. This is of course possible. However, because it puts quite a strain on the administration of CDPOM’s visits we have to charge extra for this privilege. If this aspect of the service interests you please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Reliable and Dedicated Cat Sitting in London

Once we have begun caring for your pets and your home we complete a daily log to keep you informed of just what your animals have been up to while you’ve been away.

And when you return we can hold on to a set of keys in case of emergencies, or for repeat visits. You never know, you may have to go away in a hurry, or you may need someone to check your pets and home while you’re out.


Home Visiting Day Care & Boarding

Cats, Dogs & Peace of Mind offers a London-wide, live-in house and pet-sitting service, subject to availability.

You may be going on holiday, having a short break or a long hospital stay, or you may have to be away on business.

What we offer is peace of mind.

When our carers house sit what they do is watch over your cats, dogs or other pets and your home, property and possessions. The presence of one of our professionally trained, security-vetted, fully insured carers living in your home ensures enhanced security.

Our tailor-made services are designed to suit your requirements. With this in mind we offer three tiers and tariffs:

Daycare, which covers eight hours during daytime where the carer stays in the customer’s home and looks after and exercises the pet/pets.

Overnight stays, which cover a minimum 24-hour period where the carer stays in the customer’s home and looks after the pet/pets and home as the customer would if he/she/they were working – i.e. the carer will be away for no more than eight hours (but no more than four hours at any one time) in any 24-hour period.

House-sitting 24-hour stays, which again cover a minimum 24-hour period but this time where the carer will be away for no more than two hours in any 24-hour period.

This means there is no need to put your pets in kennels or catteries, as your home and your animals are safe and secure in our hands.? We can even water your plants.


Frequently asked questions

What is the basic procedure in arranging CDPOM to look after my pets and my home?

Once a representative of CDPOM has taken down your details in a face-to-face interview and you have paid your deposit, the most suitable member of our team is chosen for your home and pet/s and you are either introduced or you are informed about your prospective sitter and given a brief history of their background.

This initial interview gives you the opportunity of ensuring that CDPOM knows how you would like your home and your pets cared for while you?re away, or simply too busy.

You will receive a copy of the interview schedule, which you must read carefully, correct and return or sign if you are in agreement with the contents and the terms and conditions.

If appropriate the assigned CDPOM carer will arrive on the day and time required and have a final briefing with you prior to your departure.


How long will the sitter be in my home?

Cats, Dogs & Peace of Mind has three tiers of service and tariff to choose from:

Daycare, which covers eight hours during daytime where the carer stays in the customer?s home and looks after and exercises the pet/pets.

Overnight stays, which cover a minimum 24-hour period where the carer stays in the customer?s home and looks after the pet/pets and home as the customer would if he/she/they were working ? i.e. the carer will be away for no more than eight hours (but no more than four hours at any one time) in any 24-hour period.

House-sitting 24-hour stays, which again cover a minimum 24-hour period but this time where the carer will be away for no more than two hours in any 24-hour period


What does a CDPOM carer do whilst living in my home?

As a minimum, CDPOM expects the carer to have access to a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom (including bed linen) and the use of a television and radio. Beyond this our rules are very strict: our carers may not use your computers, access the internet or access any equipment or facilities unless agreement for their use has been specified and agreed with you.

Box of joy: it is little details like looking after the window boxes that make CDPOM special

Where absolutely necessary telephone use will be kept to a minimum and a log will be maintained of all calls made.

While living in your home a CDPOM carer will safeguard your property and care for your pets.
He or she will keep your home clean, tidy and undertake light gardening tasks.

We will not record a list of your visitors, monitor your telephone and/or forward messages, unless this is specified.

A CDPOM carer will use their own food unless authorisation has been given for to use any items while you are away.

How does having a CDPOM carer living in my home affect my own insurance?

We recommend that you advise your insurance company that we are in residence – some companies offer discounts.

What if an emergency occurs?

When a representative from CDPOM discusses your booking in detail face-to-face you can provide a list of trusted tradesmen and professionals for our carer to contact in the event of any emergency. It would be helpful, however, if you arranged in advance with your suppliers that any emergency work undertaken while you?re away will be charged to you on account.

Our sitters are selected partly for their initiative and ability to cope with unforeseen circumstances, so you can be safe in the knowledge that if any unexpected emergencies do occur the necessary action will be taken. Where possible the sitters will inform your emergency contact and/or you of what needs to be done and the costs involved. Any costs incurred by CDPOM will then be billed back to you.

All efforts will be made to contact the owner/identified contact in the event of any emergency. However, the right to make decisions regarding the best course of action (and in the case of a pet?s health, provided it is at all times acting in the best interests of the animal, and on the advice of a vet) is held by CDPOM.

What if the sitter accidentally damages something or is injured when carrying out agreed duties?

CDPOM carries comprehensive insurance, including cover for employers? and public liability, personal accident and accidental damage for the sitter.

All of our sitters undertake basic health and safety training. During the booking meeting a risk assessment will be undertaken and you will be advised of any issues. The sitter is instructed not to place their personal safety in jeopardy.

What happens if the sitter is taken ill during the assignment?

Should a sitter be taken ill then a replacement will be arranged and you/your emergency contact will be informed immediately.

What if my return is delayed?

Your home and pet/s will remain protected until your return. You will be charged the appropriate additional rate for house and pets, with a bank holiday supplement if this applies.

Our mission

At CDPOM we pride ourselves on the service reliability and dedication of our team. Our service is recognised by many as being a kind way of caring for your pets…plus we take care of your home too!

Although we cannot replace you in your pets’ eyes, we can guarantee our very best attention at all times, especially while you’re away , or simply too busy!


For Dogs

Caring for Dogs in London, Dog & Puppy Care

We offer a range of ways we can go about caring for your dogs & puppies. We sit down with each customer to create a bespoke plan that will suit you, your pet, your lifestyle, timetable, and budget.

For example, when Cats, Dogs & Peace of MInd is walking a dog we are able to guarantee that we will walk your dog separately unless otherwise instructed.

We believe walking too many dogs at a time does not give each dog the attention and exercise they need and want. Meeting other dogs on a walk is part of the pleasure they get from a visit from a CDPOM carer.


Dog Walking London

We have been working with our customers to tailor the way we care for and walk dogs since 1999. We don’t just quote a price and expect you to allow us to get on with it!

We sit down with each of our dog walking London customers to find out what it is that they want for their dog and then we tailor a package to suit your pet, your lifestyle, your timetable and your budget.

It gives us a deep sense of pride that some of our customers have been using us since we started back in 1999. The dogs may have changed, but the service we provide is as comprehensive now as it was at the beginning of the relationship.

CDPOM has been Dog Walking London since 1999

What we promise owners is that each of our professionally trained dog walkers will walk their pets separately – unless otherwise requested.

An exception is made if a customer requests it: perhaps they want their dog to be socialised with other dogs or maybe there is a training issue they would like to be tackled. What we believe is that focusing on each owner’s pets separately is the best way of giving each dog the attention and exercise he or she needs, deserves & wants.

Before we start walking your dogs we will organise a free face-to-face consultation for you to meet us and for us to get to know you and your dogs.

At this meeting we will disciss every aspect of what you seek and design a plan accordingly.


To see if we serve your area please visit the Areas We Cover page.

If you are ready to find out more or make a booking

please call 07973 692509 or email


NB We DO NOT cart groups of dogs around in the back of a vehicle at one time, which is often an indication that at least some of the animals transported in this way are spending an inordinate amount of time in the back of a vehicle before they reach fresh air and exercise.

We also do not belong to the National Association of Pet Sitters (NARPS) because we found that in all the years we were members, this organisation did nothing to check that we offered what we said we offered. All NARPS seemed interested in was taking the fees!   


What makes a good dog walker?

Walk in the park: our carers know the best London parks near you

Dog walking for a living is more than just pulling on a leash and getting some exercise with a dog. All our dog walkers are animal lovers who are professionally trained to be in tune with the dogs they walk.

We also require each member of our dog walking London team to know as much as possible about each of the dogs – not just from their own experience but also from reading and speaking to the owners, to vets and other dog professionals. This means that our dog walkers are aware which breeds might not be compatible and which tend to get along just fine with one another.

It also means, for example, that each dog walker knows what to do if a bitch is in heat, when she attracts more than her fair share of attention, and how to be prepared. Our dog walkers are also trained to handle dogs that might suddenly turn aggressive and to read situations well in advance.

Each dog walker is well versed in how to scoop the poop, and is aware of local by-laws as they affect dog walking London in certain areas etc. You can rest assured that our dog walkers have your dog’s best interests at heart.

Experience with leads, collars & harnesses

Our dog walkers have experience of working with all manner of equipment when dog walking London from the basic lead and collar to the most elaborate Dog Mobiles for incapacitated dogs.

Knowing where to take your dog

With nearly 20-years experience of dog walking London, we pride ourselves on knowing the best places to take your dogs for their sniffs and exercise. Whether it’s to one of the Royal Parks, or a Pocket Park, or anything in between we are keen to explore London’s open spaces with the dogs we walk.

We are supporters of many of the parks and open spaces and have been known to take part in the fun dog shows that many of these parks host each year.


Dog First Aid and medication

We encourage our carers to hold Animal Aiders First Aid certificates, which demonstrate they are trained in:

- Up-to-date techniques taught by veterinary professionals

- Bandaging injured animals

- Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation for your pets

- Using specialist animal first aid equipment.


Animal Aiders, who organise the training, have been providing practical and high quality courses for years, making it possible for our dog walking team to practice Animal First Aid effectively and helping us become better prepared pet care professionals whether we are caring for horses, dogs or cats.

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