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Dog walking is our favourite thing to do; we are called Go Walkies after all!

Growing up first in Streatham and then the rolling hills of Somerset, Laura has always found that being out with the animals in the fresh air is when she is at her most content. Therefore we make our walks relaxed and fun; nothing makes us happier than seeing our pups off the lead bouncing around with the wind in their fur.

We walk our dogs in groups, we find this the most enjoyable way to walk them, and because our clients are all regulars, our dogs bond and become the best of friends. Of course each dog is different; they all have their own personalities and quirks and we make sure all team members are familiar with each dog so that we can bring them into the group in a safe and comfortable way.

Although we have grown as a team over the past few years, our walking team are a like minded group. We have mostly met whilst out walking, and Laura has hand picked everyone to ensure that the Go Walkies ethos flows through each walking group. We believe in positive reinforcement, and communicate constantly with the dogs on walks, and our clients throughout the week.

Prices: £16 per walk min 3 days per week.

Please get in touch for further info.


Doggy Daycare Service

Daycare dogsspend the day with us, they are part of the family and come out on our walks and adventures with us!

Laura worked in a corporate job for many years, and never had her own dog because she couldn’t find a solution that meant her dog would have a well rounded happy life whilst she was at work. In fact, most of the team are the same, and we like to offer a service that we would want for our own dogs.

Doing a job which requires being in an office or travelling for work can make having a dog seem impossible. Although we never used to offer ‘Day Care’ we began to keep our clients’ dogs for longer hours, because we had such fantastic bonds with the dogs and owners, it made sense to extend the time that they were with us. Our daycare tends to be an extension of how we spend the day with our own dogs, they are part of the family and come out on all our walks and adventures with us.

We mostly only offer a 4 hour daycare; with experience we have realised that more than that can be too much for the dogs. They often sleep for the other hours of the day, and if they have excellent stimulation for the time that they are with us, they will be happy and balanced on your return home.

We understand each situation is different and would be delighted to discuss your needs further.

Prices: starting from £30


Puppy Visit Service

Getting a puppy is a very exciting time, and a new adventure to embark on. We believe ‘it takes a village’ to raise a happy pup, and we know it can be daunting to start with.

We offer puppy visiting services on an adhoc basis depending on our availability and your location. Many of the dogs that we care for today have begun as pups that we have cared for in the first few weeks of their lives, and we have been there through the chewed shoes, the funny puppy tummies and all the other things that come with a new bundle of fluff. Most importantly, we recommend that if you are planning to get a puppy, that you take at least the first two weeks to be with them at home; as puppies cannot be left all day with just visits when they are young and still adjusting.

Please give us a call to discuss puppy visits and beyond.

Prices: £16 – £30


Contact Info:

07702 748 286



Home Dog Boarding Service

Luxury home dog boarding by the sea in the beautiful Sussex countryside

Our recommended provider for home dog boarding is Bed & Bone Dog Boarding in East Sussex.

They are fully licensed by their local council, fully insured and canine first aid trained.

Bed & Bone offer a pick up and drop off service to the SW London area.

For more information about their service please contact them directly using the details below.


Contact Bed & Bone Home Dog Boarding

t: 07545 568 741


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