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Remove unwanted hair with our high quality waxes to leave you feeling smooth and groomed.

We use premium high quality products that make your waxing experience easier.

Our therapists are trained to the highest standards to ensure your waxing experience is as quick and as pain free as possible.

Hot wax is used for our intimate waxes as its much less painful than strip wax, and removes the hair quickly and efficiently.

All our mobile therapists are female and are trained to the highest standard to be able to provide your waxing services.




Eyebrow Wax – £10

Nostril Wax – £10

Ear Wax – £10

Full Face Wax – £25




Back Wax – 35


Full back wax

Chest Wax – £35

Full chest wax

Abs Wax – £25


Upper chest, abs only

Shoulders – £15

Half Arms – £20


Upper or lower arm

Full Arms – £35

Half Leg – £30


Upper or lower leg

Full Leg – £45

Underarm – £20

Full Body Including Face – £195


Full body and face hair removal.

Full Body Excluding Face – £215

Full body hair removal.


Intimate Waxing

Boyzilian (Brazilian) - £60


Front only. Includes penis, scrotum, pubic triangle

Hollywood – £70


All hair removed from the front and back.

Includes penis, scrotum, pubic triangle, buttocks and crack.

Back, Sac and Crack (BSC) – £95


Includes full back wax, crack, scrotum and penis.

Speedo – £30


Hair removed from outside of the Y FRONT line.

Includes inner crease of thigh.

Buttocks – £20


Hair removed from the bum cheeks only. Crack not included.

Buttocks and Crack – £30


Hair removed from bum cheeks and crack.

Sac and Crack – £45


Includes crack, scrotum and penis.

Crack – £15


Telephone: 079 8465 7671


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