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£80 microblading eyebrows

£90 semi permanent makeup eyebrows

Individual eyelashes from £40

3d £55




Please mention GUMTREE for discount to apply. Different prices in store.

Have your makeup applied permanently and expertly by a technician with almost 10 years of experience.

Trained in both semi permanent makeup and microblading I'll be able to advise which method is most suitable for your skin type.


Most microblading technicians are not trained in both methods so will not be able to give the best advice.


Please be aware Microblading does not work well on every skin type. I have corrected many eyebrows previously worked on using microblading method which have not healed satisfactorily. Microbladed eyebrows can heal very patchy and uneven. This method is not suitable if you have uneven eyebrows, have little hair, previously tattooed eyebrows or very dark skin tone for example. In such cases semi permanent eyebrows is recommended. You don’t have to decide beforehand, eyebrows will be assessed and the method chosen on the day. Semi permanent makeup method works well on every skin type.


Microblading £80, top up £60

Semi permanent makeup

Eyebrows £90, top up £60

Eyeliner £90, top up £60

Lipblush £160, top up £60


Individual eyelashes

Natural set £40

Full set £45

Russian 3d eyelashes £55

Infill from £30/£40


Fat freezing only £50 for 1 area: using a cooling technology to break down fat cells. Trained by and using same machine supplied by the Harley laser specialists group. For further info visit nicelipo


0759 468 1124



microblading eyebrows in London

semi permanent makeup eyebrows in London

individual eyelashes in London


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