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Dermo-pigmentist acreditated and insured artist looking for models for MICROBLADING technique!


The role of micro pigmentation is to feel good without wearing makeup!

Everyone can benefit from this procedure, from very young people to the elderly, who want a soft makeup, an elegant improvement of their of their appearance.

Except for minor persons or with some medical issues;

We do micro pigmentation to correct small imperfections and asymmetries,

to emphasizes the shape of the eyebrows.


Eyebrows Micropigmentation is a long-lasting pigmentation made with the best quality cosmetic pigments.

Microblading is the latest technique of eyebrows styling. The method imitates the natural hair strokes.


How will be the micro pigmentation session?

Apply the anesthetic cream that will be left to act 20-30 minutes;

We measure and establish together all the details of the technique, shape, color;

Will draw a minimum of 3 forms and we will choose together the right shape appearance to your style;

All products are sterile and will be unsealed in front of you;

Happy brows can be achieved through the technique:

Powdering, Full – Micropigmentation


Ombre, Hybrid-Micropigmentation+Microblading


Guarantee Quality 12 months

All models must be 18+

Can not be pregnant or breastfeeding

Generally Healthy


For more information please message me at 07438246493


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