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Blood Test London

We offer a wide range of private blood tests in London, with quick delivery of results – most of our blood test results can be delivered to you within 4 hours by phone or email.


How to book private blood tests

We can carry out blood tests at any of our clinics without the need of a GP referral. The cost for the testing is additional to the standard consultation price of £59.


Receiving your blood test results

For many of our blood tests we can have the results back within 4 hours. We can send your blood test results by phone or email, based on your preference.

*Please note if you have booked a London blood test, our Greater London clinics in Orpington and Wandsworth have longer delivery times.


Common blood tests we offer

We have hundreds of blood tests available. Our expert doctors can advise on what blood test is best for you during your appointment.

General Health Screen

An overall account of your general health. Includes full blood account, glucose test, cholesterol test, iron levels and thyroid testing.

£148 (4-6 hours)

ABO Blood Group

A common blood test to find out your blood type.

£72.80 (2 days)

Vitamin and nutrition blood test

Checks your vitamin B,C or D levels. We offer individual tests and we can test vitamin levels as part of wider tests too.

Start from £95.20 (From 4-6 hours)

Thyroid function test

Measures the level of thyroid hormones. We have 3 tests available, the test needed depends on your symptoms and condition.

Start from £86.40 (From 4-6 hours)

Liver function test

A measurement of enzymes and proteins that the liver produces to measure overall liver health.

£62.40 (4-6 hours)

Kidney function test

Monitors the body’s electrolyte balance and helps to identify the any problems with your kidneys. 

£64 (4-6 hours)

Blood test fbc

Complete blood count measures the number of cell types in your body. A good indicator of anaemia, infection and blood clotting

Starts from £53.60 (4-6 hours)

Pregnancy blood test

A simple pregnancy test which

h can be used for early detection.

£69.60 (2 days)

Sexual health testing

Most STD testing requires no blood samples at all. Although blood samples are taken to detect HIV and Syphilis.

Start from £69 (From 4-6 hours)


Get in touch to make an appointment

020 3553 0055

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