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London Lash Studio, based in the heart of Fulham moments from Fulham Broadway station, specialises in semi-permanent individual classic and russian volume eyelash extensions and LVL lashes. Lashes aren't just an add on service here - they are our speciality! We pride ourself on offering our clients a bespoke set of eyelash extensions by tailoring each set to suit every client individually. We do this by assessing the client's eye and face shape to create their perfect style, while carefully selecting suitable lengths and thicknesses of extensions in order not to harm the natural lashes. This ensures that our clients can keep returning for infills every few weeks with no damage and have no need to ever wear mascara again.


London Lash Studio is an official member of WALAD (World Association of Lash Artistry and Development): A professional trade organisation for the eyelash extensions industry, committed to safe practice and continued professional development. WALAD is dedicated to raising the industry standards of eyelash extensions, while striving to push the boundaries in the latest techniques, products and practices.


We use the finest quality luxury silk eyelashes by Lash Heaven in a large variety of lengths, thicknesses and curls to cater for every look - whether you want a natural, dramatic look or something in between.


Classic Set

Price £80

Time 1h 30

One individual extension is applied on to one natural lash. Approx 100 extensions per eye - 100% coverage.


Classic Half Set

Price £60

Time 1h

Approx. 60% coverage compared to 100% coverage in a full set.


Classic Infill

Price £45/£50

Time 1h/1h 15

Infills are recommended every 2 - 3 weeks.


Volume Set 2-6D

Price £100

Time 1h 45


Russian volume lashes give a fuller effect and are longer lasting than classic lashes.

Between 2 - 6 fine lashes, handmade in to a fan on the spot, are applied on to each natural lash.

Great if you have naturally sparse lashes or prefer a more glamorous look.

Choose from 2-3D (natural look) and 4-6D (glamorous look). 200-600 extensions per eye.


Volume Infill

Price £55/£60

Time 1h/1h 15

Infills are recommended every 3 weeks.


Mega Volume Set 9-16D

Price £125

Time 1h 45

This is a super dramatic set, with up to 15 extremely fine lashes being applied on to each natural lash. 900 - 1600 extensions per eye.


Mega Volume Infill

Price £60/£65

Time 1h/1h 15

Infills are recommended every 3 - 4 weeks.


Classic/Volume Hybrid Set

Price £90

Time 1h 30

50/50 mix of classic lashes and russian volume lashes.


Classic/Volume Hybrid Infill

Price £50/£55

Time 1h/1h 15

Infills are recommended every 2 - 3 weeks.


Colour/Ombré Lashes

No extra

Add a pop of blue, purple or green to your lashes. Choose from a mix of black and colour or a block section in the outer/mid eye.


Lower Lashes

Price £25

Time 15 min

Eyelash extensions for the lower lashes. They are not as long lasting as upper extensions so are recommended for special occasions.


Lash Removal

Price £18

Time 30 min

Gentle removal of eyelash extensions and cleansing of your natural lashes.


Lash Lift (LVL Lashes)

Price £55

Time 45 min

This gives your natural lashes a beautiful curl lasting 6 - 8 weeks. It works by straightening the lashes at the root giving them the appearance of "Length, Volume and Lift". Includes an eyelash tint.


Eyelash Tint

Price £15

Time 15 min

Accentuate your natural eyelashes by dying them darker. An eyelash tint is recommended before eyelash extensions for those who have fair lashes.


Eyebrow Tint

Price £10

Time 10 min

Add definition to your eyebrows by dying them darker.


Eyebrow Shape

Price £10

Time 10 min

Eyebrow shaping with wax or thread.


HD Brows

Price £30

Time 30 min

HD Brows is a seven step eyebrow sculpting treatment that focuses on shape and design: Consultation, tinting, waxing, trimming, threading, tweezing and make-up.


Our location:

97 Moore Park Road,

Fulham, London, SW6 2DA

07544 181821

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Hammersmith Fulham (London)
United Kingdom

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