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Interested in becoming a cosmetic model on one our training days in London or Manchester? We are looking for both male and female models for our supervised sessions. All our trainers are very experienced practitioners that run their own clinics. The delegates on the day would have completed their prior theoretical material and will need to put this into practice. As such we are looking for models keen to receive discounted anti wrinkle and dermal filler treatments, for the purpose of teaching our delegates. Our practitioners will be up close and supervising all treatments, so you’re in safe hands!


How much do our cosmetic models pay for treatment on the day?
As you are on a training course, cosmetic models on the day will not be expected to pay the cost of full-price clinic treatments.

For Anti Wrinkle treatments: from £70 per treatment area

For Dermal Filler treatments: from £130 per syringe used


Lip Filler Model Treatment

Some people aren’t blessed with the Angelina Jolie-esque super pout or the questionable Kylie Jenner natural lip look; some people may well have been once, but age can thin out our lips and wrinkles can begin to form around the corners of our mouths as well. Lip Enhancement allows you to get more definition into your lips and regain a youthful plumpness which will really enhance your confidence.

The lip area is injected with a soft filler in order to provide ‘plumpness’. The whole procedure takes around 30 minutes and can be used to tackle a whole host of different imperfections such as “smokers” lines, wrinkled lips, and a re-asserting of the cupids bow (the V-Shaped dip on the top lip of the mouth). This relatively simple and non-surgical procedure provides an interesting option for those who require a quick enhancement to their lower face. This is a treatment ideal for those women who have lost plumpness in their lips through ageing (we lose 50% of our lip volume by age 50) or for those women, however young or old, who feel that they need to enhance the natural size and shape of their lips.


What can be done?

There are 2 options available for Lip filler treatments:

1) Shaping- this involves injecting thin linear streaks of soft dermal filler superficially across the ‘vermillion border’ surrounding the lips. This is ideal for those with little shape, fine perioral lines, subtle changes of enhancing mild shape that already exists.

2) Volumisation- this involves injecting deeper into the ‘wet-dry’ border of the lips to add substance to wasted areas, and can even create a ‘soft-pout’ when injected centrally. Volumisation can also be combined with shaping to create shape and volume together.

Results are immediate and Lip Filler will typically last 8-12 months. You will save 50% of our normal clinic price having this treatment as a Cosmetic Model.


- Procedure Time

30 minutes

- Duration of Actions

8-12 months

- Clinic Price

£300 – £350 per syringe


Cheek Fillers Model Treatment

Over time the face loses fat, causing the cheeks to become flat and saggy, giving way to a sunken-in look. Although some are born with naturally high cheekbones, achieving the look of sculpted cheeks can be accomplished through both nonsurgical and surgical treatments that focus on restoring plumpness, volume and definition.

What can be done?
To restore volume to the midface and recreate youthful contours, we can use dermal fillers. Thick cross-linked hyaluronic acid injections can be placed directly above the cheek bones and moulded to define natural cheek bone structure. They can also lift areas lower down such as the nasolabial folds. The procedure takes about 20 minutes and is virtually painless. Satisfaction among this procedure tends to be very high, and the fillers can last as long as 18 months.

Results are immediate and Cheek Formation will typically last 12-18 months. You will save over 50% of our normal clinic price having this treatment as a Cosmetic Model.


- Procedure Time

30 minutes

- Duration of Actions

18 months

- Clinic Price

£350 per syringe



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