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Botox in Liverpool

Wrinkle Relaxing (Botox Treatment)
What is Botox?
Most commonly known as ‘Botox’ the Wrinkle Relaxing Injection first became popular in the late 1980s and has been used to treat millions of people worldwide ever since. Botox, short for Botulinum Toxin, is a purified protein derived from Clostridium botulinum, an organism found in the natural environment (where it is largely inactive and non-toxic). When Botox is applied to lines and wrinkles it causes the muscles to relax, smoothing wrinkles out and creating a youthful, smooth appearance to the skin.

Wrinkle Relaxing Injections are not a permanent treatment and as a result they will naturally breakdown over time. However, with continuous Botox treatment the muscle will become ‘re-educated’, therefore reducing the development of new wrinkles and also increasing the amount of time needed between each treatment for lasting results. Botox has fast become one of the most recognisable and sought after anti-ageing procedures and this is largely due to the fact that it brings with it very few risks, minimal downtime and remarkable results.

Botox can make a huge difference cosmetically to the fine lines and wrinkles around our face, for example crow’s feet and horizontal forehead lines, however, it also has many other uses. It can help with painful migraines, some muscle disorders and can also be used to effectively treat Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). The protein is injected into the affected area of the body (e.g armpits) this works by blocking signals from the brain to the sweat glands and hugely reducing the amount of sweat that is being produced. For people who feel embarrassed by sweat patches and uncontrollable sweating this can be life-changing.

If you have deep wrinkles then you might be also interested in dermal fillers. Our anti-wrinkle treatments are also popular amongst patients who also come for lip fillers.


What results can I expect from Botox?
This astonishing wrinkle relaxing treatment is famous for its ability to deliver visible results in a very short period of time. Some clients will notice changes as soon as 3-10 days following their injections, however, best results can usually be seen two weeks post-treatment.

Whilst Wrinkle Relaxing Injections provide fast results they are not permanent and the results will eventually begin to wear off. For the highest standard of results we advise booking treatments 3-4 months apart. This way you can keep on top of those unwanted lines and wrinkles and keep your skin smooth and youthful. As the Botox injections ‘re-educate’ the muscles they will actually begin to last longer the more you have the treatment. This means, for optimum results you will eventually be able to come for treatments every 6-12 months while still maintaining the look you love.


Botox Treatment FAQ’s
What can I expect when I have my Botox treatment?
You will have an initial consultation with an Aesthetics of Liverpool practitioner where we will be able to explore your treatment options and we can answer any queries you may have. We will also assess your suitability for the treatment and examine your areas of concern.

During the treatment, your fully qualified Aesthetics of Liverpool Practitioner will make a series of small injections directly into the treatment area. This allows muscles to relax, reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles and also prevents the formation of new wrinkles.

The entire procedure is relatively quick lasting around 20-30 minutes during this time your practitioner will discuss the results, advise of the aftercare procedures and of any further treatments.

Botulinum Toxin usually take up to two weeks to be at its most effective. Most clients usually find they can still move muscles to a small extent in the area treated. This is completely normal, the aim of the treatment is not to prevent muscles on the face moving but merely reduce the number of times your muscles contract, as this is when wrinkles occur.

What areas can Botox treat?
1.       Horizontal Forehead Lines

2.       Frown Lines

3.       Crows Feet

4.       Eyebrow Lift

5.       Bunny Lines

6.       Lip Lines

7.       Nasolabial Folds

8.       Marionette Lines

9.       Gummy Smile

10.   Chin

11.   Neck Bands

Will there be any side effects after treatment?
Most clients are able to resume their day to day actives immediately, however, as with any aesthetic treatment there are possible side-effects:

- A small amount of temporary bleeding or mild swelling at injection site is common.

- In some cases more extensive bruising may occur in particular around the eyes, this can

usually be covered up with makeup and is only temporary.

- Occasionally, patients may experience a headache after their treatment and very rarely double vision. Again, this is only short term and won’t last.

- There is very slight possibility when Botulinum Toxin is injected into the forehead it may cause weakness of the muscle holding up the eyelid causing ‘partial ptosis’ or drooping of the upper eyelid. This usually takes between 2-4 weeks to subside.

- In rare cases, if the forehead muscles are relaxed too much, especially in patients with looser skin the treatment may cause the eyebrows to drop slightly. This is temporary and usually subsides within 10 weeks.

- All clients should bare in mind that the effects of Botulinum Toxin are temporary and therefore any side effects will subside after three months.

Is there an after-care procedure?
Yes, as with any Aesthetics Procedure it is imperative that you follow the advised after-care procedure to ensure you recover safely from treatment and achieve maximum results. Post Treatment advice includes:

- For a few hours after injections do not rub or massage the treated area as you could potentially spread out the injected Botulinum Toxin into adjacent muscles where is may cause the eyelid to droop.

- Avoid activities that cause excessive perspiration such as the gym, saunas etc, as you risk sweating the Botulinum Toxin out.

Wait 24 hours before you engage in any high intensity exercise (After 4 hours you can engage in light exercise such as walking, jogging, gardening).

- Avoid any form of Facial or Spa treatment as again this may cause the Botulinum Toxin to spread causing adverse effects.

If you have any concerns no matter how big or small contact your practitioner immediately. We will be happy to advise or invite you into the clinic to discuss any issues you may be having.

Who is Wrinkle Relaxing Botox suitable for?
We will not be able to deliver Botox if:

- You are pregnant.

- You are Breastfeeding.

- Are allergic to any of the ingredients.

- Have a neuromuscular disorder.

Is Wrinkle Relaxing Treatment right for me?
Wrinkle Relaxing Treatment is ideal for any clients who are concerned about lines and wrinkles on their face. The treatment creates a smoother, fresher and ultimately more youthful appearance.

Anybody considering Botox will have a consultation with an Aesthetics of Liverpool Practitioner where we will explore your treatment options and decide if Botox is the right form of Anti-Ageing Treatment for you.


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