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Very privileged family is looking for a nanny for a newborn baby. You will live in the family and work rotating shifts:   month in a month (month work, month rest), or two months - in two months (two months’ work, two months’ rest).  

Your duties: Take total care about the baby, nursing, do massages, pay attention to the baby condition, feeding, walking, accompanying. 

Conditions:  You can expect very good working and living conditions and polite and attentive attitude.  High salary - from .2500 EURO  depending on your qualification.

Who are we looking for:  Woman 28 – 50 y.o.  with medical education and practical experience working in medical or perinatal centers, or in maternity hospitals with newly-born babies.  You should be active and in good physical shape as you should be able to spend full day carrying about the baby.  If you smoke – unfortunately this is not who we are looking for.   Also, your proficiency in English language should be high (at least intermediate conversational level).  Having travel experience and getting travel visas in the past would be desirable.  Ideally you would already have Schengen visa available. 

If you are qualified and would be interested in this position, please contact:

Email:, or Skype: nata_biryukova

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