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Home Care Services

Services We Provide

When searching for assistance, you want home care services that can take care of your needs. Premier Homecare Services London provides caregivers for a number of different types of home care services to ensure clients' needs are satisfied.


Premier Homecare Services London understands that quality home care services start with putting the client first. Meeting with clients and analyzing their needs creates a relationship between Premier Homecare Services London and the client. This is so important when providing home care services because the client should be fully comfortable with the caregivers they let into their home.

Building a nurturing relationship is just as important as preserving a client's independence.


Premier Homecare Services London can assist with everyday home care services while clients recover from a recent injury or hospital stay.

This gives clients the independence they deserve since they are receiving care at home.


Caregivers from Premier Homecare Services London can also help with more extensive home care services for seniors who need help or are dealing with a more serious illness.


No matter how temporary or permanent the need for help is, home care services from Premier Homecare.

Services London help clients with whatever they may need including:

- Getting dressed

- Cleaning out closets, fridges, cupboards

- Meal preparation

- Changing the linens

- Shopping

- Scenic drives

- Visiting friends & relatives

- Hospital visits

- Bathing

- Incontinence care

- Palliative care

- Overnight stays

- Home safety checks

- Visiting loved ones at the cemetery

- Going to adult day centres


The links below provide a more in-depth look into the home care services Premier Homecare Services London provides.


Home Care Services

Elder Care

Staying independent is so important. Premier Homecare Services London believes in helping clients keep their independence. Elder care is beneficial on so many levels. First and foremost, elder care helps the client with whatever they may need around the house. Premier Homecare Services London helps clients with daily activities around the house or even accompanying them to visit friends, adult centres or go shopping.

Elder care also helps give a client's family peace of mind. When a family knows their parent or grandparent is happy and safe in their own home, they can truly appreciate the value of elder care. Premier Homecare Services London takes pride in helping clients and clients' families feel comfortable with the idea and benefits of elder care. Seniors themselves can see the value in elder care as it is home care on their own terms. They have the freedom to stay in the home they love and still receive the help they need from quality caregivers. Elder care from Premier Homecare Services London can help with just the right amount of home care to keep clients safe and independent. That's the difference elder care from Premier Homecare Services London can make.


Home Care Services

Assisted Living

Premier Homecare Services London helps clients around the house with more day-to-day tasks while they recover. This type of assisted living can be very helpful especially in the case of short term or temporary home care.


Premier Homecare Services London has caregivers able to provide a number of home care services, including assisted living, based on a client's needs. Assisted living can be quite helpful to a client while on the mend. After all, maintaining independence at home after an injury or recent hospital stay is much easier with home care services like assisted living.


Assisted living can consist of any type of care that takes place in the home. Whether it's just to act as an extra set of hands around the house or provide a little companionship, Premier Homecare Services London has compassionate caregivers that are sensitive to each client's individual situation.


Premier Homecare Services London understands that people enjoy the freedom to come and go as they please. Assisted living can help keep that feeling alive since this type of home care is based around what each client needs.


Assisted living can help clients keep their independence since they are in the home they know with home care tailored to their needs. This ensures the client's needs are met without constant supervision. If you require some help, home care services like assisted living from Premier Homecare Services London could be just what you need.


Home Care Services

Palliative Care

Premier Homecare Services London understands that sometimes more serious home care is needed for clients. Palliative care can mean a number of things. First of all, palliative care is not restricted to medical home care services only. Palliative care actually includes a variety of home care services.


If a client is bed ridden, palliative care can provide the assistance needed for medication reminders or perform daily activities. In this case, palliative care can give clients and their families peace of mind knowing their loved ones are safe and comfortable at home.


In some cases, families can't be with their loved one as often as they need due to other responsibilities. Palliative care also uses caregivers to provide companionship until a family member can return. Premier Homecare Services London can supply help when you need it most.


Premier Homecare Services London ensures that caregivers are compassionate and dedicated to assisting clients with whatever they may need. Palliative care is one of many home care services Premier Homecare Services London provides.


Premier Homecare Services London

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Address: Home Care Services

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London, ON N6H 5N7

Phone: 226-663-8209



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