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The list of works carried out cleaning of apartments:

Rooms, halls and corridors
my window
my window sills
remove dust from walls and ceilings
remove dust from external surfaces of furniture
washed the battery and a heating tube
my floors
remove stubborn dirt
remove dust from ledges and air conditioners
move furniture and clean up after her
vacuum upholstered furniture, carpets and carpeting
laundered door
remove dust from the interior elements
wipe mirrors and glass interior elements
remove the dust with audio-video equipment and other electrical appliances
 wipe sockets, switches, lamps, decorative elements
decompose things, we arrange shoes
dressed bed in the bedroom
taking out the trash

clean and sanitize tubs, showers, sinks, toilets, bidet
remove rust, limescale, water stone
wipe ceilings
my wall
clean tile on floor and walls from complex contamination
polished taps and mixers
wipe mirrors
wipe washing machine
my lamps
wipe cupboards and shelves

my window
will wash walls
remove dust from ceilings
 wipe outside of kitchen furniture
remove grease and other food residues from all surfaces
wash outside of refrigerator
clean outside of stove and oven
clean floor and baseboards
wash kitchen cabinets outside
clean mirrors and glass surfaces
clean lamps
taking out the trash

Work 7 days a week including weekends and holidays.

cleaning of apartments
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United Kingdom

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