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Quality Tutoring of Eleven Plus, Maths, English and Science for students aged 4-18


What I offer:

KS1: Maths, English, Science

KS2: Maths, English, Science

11+: Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning

KS3: Maths, English, Science

GCSE: Maths, English, Science

A-Level: Biology


I am a graduate from Imperial College London and UCL IoE (where I did my PGCE teaching qualification).

I love teaching and helping students achieve the best possible grades they can.


I aspire to offer a 'super tutor' service at a fraction of the price.

I am a qualified teacher (DBS checked) and have over 3500 hours of tutoring experience, with students ranging from 4-18 years old.

On top of that, I also helped my brother gain entry into Cambridge University for Economics and have seen countless other students succeed under my mentorship. This is because I recognise that there is a process and that if students follow that process, they are guaranteed to succeed.

I try my best to make learning enjoyable for students but I also have high expectations as I believe every student has it in them to achieve the top grades.

I provide homework for each and every lesson. If students struggle with it, they come to me the following lesson and we go through the mistakes. I teach them the techniques to combat their weaknesses and this ensures they are ironed out, guaranteeing improvement. Students can also bring me work they are struggling with independently.

All the students that have come to me have improved and rapidly.


I look forward to working with your children and ensuring they can achieve the vision that you have for them!

Call me on 07508522348

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