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Oven and kitchen cleaning are tedious and time consuming but also necessary house chores. Most of the time, people don’t have the time to perform full scale kitchen or oven cleaning on a regular basis and it doesn’t take long though for the oven, fridge or kitchen to start showing the need for some serious cleaning attention as they see heavy duty use on a daily basis.

Kitchen Cleaning At Low Rates


Another problem with kitchen and appliance cleaning is results – in many instances, people use a basketful of different detergents, solvents and chemicals in order to yield great cleaning results but in fact all these cleaning materials fail to deliver the desired result which is a discouraging and frustrating situation to be in. If you are looking for a good alternative to kitchen and appliance cleaning we can offer you top quality, real value for money kitchen and oven cleaning at the right price.


Our professional grade kitchen and appliance cleaning service is guaranteed to deliver exceptional results on any job. Even the most neglected and messy kitchens will be no match for our professionally trained cleaning technicians. We will send you a team of well prepared and sufficiently equipped cleaners ready to tackle the job with professional efficiency. Our cleaners have passed the necessary police and security background checks in order to establish their credibility and give our customers peace of mind.


Advantages of our Kitchen Cleaners

The cleaning appointments will be carried out with all due care and attention as expected by professionals and with the least amount of hassle and disruption to your already busy daily schedule. We specialize in professional oven cleaning of all types of commercial and domestic ovens. We also provide superb private and commercial kitchen cleaning guaranteed to yield outstanding cleaning results without costing you a small fortune.


Professional fridge and deep kitchen cleaning are also some of our special services as we want to provide current and future customers with complete coverage of their kitchen cleaning requirements in the most professional and efficient manner. We keep our service pricing fair and reflective through competitive quotes and adequate customer service.




We don’t claim to provide all types of cleaning under the sun, but we specialize in a number of cleaning services which we are very good at. We take kitchen and appliance cleaning very seriously and our results speak for themselves. We have a high number of satisfied former and current customers and we tend to keep it that way through exceptional service provision, adequate customer service and fair, reflective quotes. Our chief service is oven cleaning. The oven cleaning is available to both private and commercial customers.


Oven Cleaning Services We Offer

Our highly qualified, professional cleaning technicians will be able to deliver exceptional results on any job, even the most neglected and dirty ovens will be no problem for our cleaning crews. The cleaners can handle the cleaning of most types of ovens found in commercial establishments and private homes. We guarantee to have your oven cleaned and shined to perfection with no risk of damage and within the shortest time possible.

Another of our high quality services is professional grade commercial kitchen cleaning. Our specially trained cleaning crews are quite familiar with commercial kitchens and will pay the necessary cleaning attention to items and appliances which see some heavy use on a daily basis. The commercial kitchen cleaning is a highly comprehensive service carried out with professional speed and efficiency.


Schedule A Clean Today

We can also clean commercial and domestic fridges of all types and sizes, although the fridge doesn’t seem like the most dirty or heavily used appliance in the kitchen, it still requires a certain amount of cleaning attention on a regular basis in order to keep it fresh and working properly. In case you need the entire kitchen cleaned from top to bottom, no worries, we got you covered with our super comprehensive deep kitchen cleaning which covers the entire kitchen and all the appliances in it. And to top it all off, we can offer our customers professional and competitively priced barbecue cleaning of all types and size barbecues and grills for both indoor and outdoor use. All services are available seven days a week with flexible appointment hours.


Single oven, including two racks - £47

Double oven, including three racks - £57

Standard hob(4 burners) or Extractor - £15

Range oven (90cm) - £76

Range oven (100-110cm) - £83

Range hob(5 or 6 burners) or Extractor - £20

AGA oven - from £71

Small Round BBQ - £47

Medium-sized BBQ(up to 3 burners) - £59

Large BBQ(4 to 6 burners) - £76

Single oven package deal(single oven+hob(4 burners)+extractor+washing machine+dishwasher+single fridge+microwave) - £105

Double oven package deal(double oven+hob(4 burners)+extractor+washing machine+dishwasher+single fridge+microwave) - £123.


Contact us:

24 Hours Customer service!

Phone number: 020 3026 9554

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