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If you want to keep your home looking clean and feeling fresh for as long as possible we can offer you our professional home cleaning service as the cost effective alternative to expensive domestic cleaning that usually fails to deliver the promised results or simply costs too much. Your home needs professional cleaning attention and we will be able to provide you with the highest quality pro grade cleaning without the usual high costs associated with this service.


London Cleaning Services works with professionally trained cleaners with plenty of industry experience who will carry out each cleaning appointment with unrivaled efficiency and expertise. Depending on the size of the job, we will send you an adequate number of cleaners that will perform the scheduled tasks within the shortest time possible and with minimum disruption or delay to your daily schedule. Each home we clean is unique, this is why we make sure to cover all areas and rooms, without missing spots or cutting corners.


If necessary, customers can provide our cleaners with additional instructions on how to go about cleaning specific rooms or areas of the property in order to meet expectations and deliver the promised results. Proper and effective home cleaning is an ongoing task and if our customers are satisfied with the pricing and quality of our service, we will be more than happy to organize a regular home cleaning service as per their requirements.


The regular cleaning visits can be scheduled on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or bimonthly basis. The duration of each cleaning visit and the number of cleaners to be dispatched to your property should be clarified and confirmed at the time of booking. The home cleaning service is available as standalone booking or in combination with another of our cleaning services like carpet or upholstery cleaning. This will ensure your home is looking its best and feeling fresh each and every day. The home cleaning service is available for booking on a week round basis, including Sundays and public holidays. Free quotes for one-off and regular service requests will be provided.


Home Cleaning Services

Phone: 020 3603 7307


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