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The carpet cleaning service is actually a very deep washing of your rug/carpet, which removes stains, dirt, sand andallergens from its fibres.

We clean all carpet types as we’ve employed the two basic methods for treatment – the hot water extraction technique suitable for synthetic, wool and organicfabrics, and a dry cleaning for the delicate or prone-to-shrinkfabrics, as well as sisal and seagrass carpets.

A quality carpet cleaning is hard to come by, but Pure Blue Cleaning London is a master of this service! Fitted with first-class cleaning technology, our team uses detergents, which are safe and biodegradable.


The moisture extraction cleaning step-by-step:

Vacuuming to remove soil and uplift the carpet fibres

Pre-treatment of extra-soiled high traffic areas, stubborn stains and dirt patches

Injecting hot water under high pressure deep into the carpet

Extraction of 95% of the moisture with a vacuum cleaner

Dry-out time is approximately 3 hours, so we’ll leave you overshoes to wear in the meantime

Applying of protection spray (upon request)


The dry cleaning step-by-step:

Hoovering the carpet

Testing it to determine the material it is made of

Pre-treatment of all stains, high traffic and dirty areas

Spreading an absorbing powder on the carpetsurface

Scrubbing the powder deep into the carpet with a specialised machine

Vacuuming off the powder along with all dust and dirt attached to it

In addition to the cleaning, you can order a carpet protection too, as well as an air mover system to accelerate drying time at least3 times.

The application of a carpet protection is highly recommended as it protects carpets and fabrics against dust mites for up to 6 months. Absolutely safe for the whole family, it also protects against spills and staining.

Professionally treated carpets are recognised as being more visually pleasing, potentially longer-lasting, and probably healthier than poorly maintained carpets. Pure Blue Cleaning London recommends a professional clean to be performed every 6 months or so.

For the business owners out there – you probably know that the office hygiene doesn’t have to be underestimated, especially if it is a large space with lots of people working in it. Regularly cleaned carpeting will prevent the distribution of dust, mould, germs and microbes as well as improve the air quality, and even the smell of the room.

No matter the style, fabric or state of your carpets or rugs, we can have them looking shine-new in a single appointment.

You can ask for our professional opinion at any time – from early morning to late evening

– on 0203404 2722.



The team of Pure Blue Cleaning would love to hear from you!

Our staff are available 24/7, ready to offer you a free, no-obligation quote – or answer your questions about house cleaning in London.

Let us help you to customise a home cleaning plan that fits your specific needs…

Call us now on: 020 3404 2722

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