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We cover all plumbing needs you might have! Our plumbers:

Fix leaks

Install new taps

Fix broken showers

Fit new electric showers

Fit new thermostatic showers

Tile showers and baths

Fit new bathroom suites

Plumbing London

Re-silicone leaking baths

Unblock drains

Repair broken toilets

Change scaled-up shower heads

Fix broken radiators

Install washing machines and dishwashers






Whatever your needs, we’re here to help. If you have a question, you can chat live during office hours with one of our plumbers. You can book an appointment above or call us on 020 7350 2511.


Give us a call during office hours of book an appointment with an engineer now.


Boiler services
Are you looking for boiler maintenance or a new boiler? Great, we are experts in the field. We replace boilers, fix boilers and service boilers. Did we say boilers? It's simple, anything boiler related, we're here to help you out.

To make it even sweeter, we are fully accredited by the worlds leading boiler manufacturers. We give the longest guarantee on Worcester boilers and products, from 8 to 10 years depending on the product.

Get your boiler quote here or leave us your number and we will give you a call.


Heating services
We have a team of well trained and experienced heating engineers so we are confident in tackling any sort of central heating problem.

We install brand new central heating systems, new radiators of all shapes and sizes, we repair leaking pipe work, replace old valves and fix all kinds of underfloor heating.

For any heating enquiries, give us a call or leave your number here and we will call you.


The main source of heating in most homes, including water heating, is the boiler. The majority of homes in South London are fitted with gas boilers rather than electric boilers, and these are responsible for giving you hot water and sending heat to your radiators, which are the most common means of space heating.


Efficent, reliable heating system repairs
At WPJ Heating, we understand how inconvenient it is to deal with a boiler breakdown or central heating issues, particularly during the colder months, so we provide the most reliable and efficient service around. If you’ve got a leaking radiator, a damaged programmer, a faulty thermostat, cold spots, or any other heating problem you can think of, our Gas Safe engineers have the training and expertise to get your heating system working again, no matter the type of boiler in your home.


Be proactive with regular maintenance
We also encourage our customers to prioritise regular boiler maintenance and servicing to keep your boiler in top-notch condition. Regardless of the type or make of your boiler, the only way to guarantee its safe and optimum performance is by arranging an annual gas safety check and regularly servicing all elements of your heating system, including pipework, radiators, zone or motorised valves, and thermostats.


Make quality a top priority for heatng installations
As your boiler plays such an important role in the comfort of your home, we only install the best, most energy-efficient condensing gas boilers on the market from the world’s leading manufacturers, Worcester (Bosch), Vaillant and Honeywell controls. As accredited installers, we can even offer an eight-year guarantee on Worcester boilers and a seven-year guarantee on Vaillant boilers.


We’re here to help
The world of heating can be a complex one, with lots to think about: there are radiators in all shapes, sizes and colours; underfloor heating versus radiator heating; combination boilers versus system boilers versus regular boilers; and all of the due considerations of your home’s glazing, insulation and design which will determine exactly the right heating system and boiler type for you.


At WPJ Heating, we’ve got it all covered, and we’re standing by to answer any heating engineer questions you might have or to help with any heating issues in your home.

For more information, call us on 020 7350 2511 or book an appointment below. You can also leave your number and we will give you a call.


Underfloor heating
Britain is quickly learning the benefits of underfloor heating as we catch up with our Nordic neighbours. Underfloor heating allows you to free your wallspace from often bulky radiators whilst giving efficient low-level heat that permeates evenly through out the space. This can be very cosy or very sleek whilst still being very functional.


Underfloor heating can either be electric – usually for smaller tiled spaces such as bathrooms, or it can be what we call wet underfloor heating. This comprises a network of pipes zig-zagging backwards and forwards under the floor and these pipes carry round warm water from the boiler. This system is better and more effective for larger areas such as extensions or whole houses and the useful heat can be transmitted through numerous floor coverings and types – tile, concrete, wood and carpet to name a few.


Wet underfloor systems are best put in when larger building works are being done. This is because there is a lot of preparatory work needed first and all existing floors have to be pulled up.


All these underfloor systems can be carefully zoned so different areas are controlled by different thermostats. Uponor, JG Speedfit and Heatmiser controls are all big players in the domestic market. Warm-Up are great for the electric matting under bathroom floors.


Looking for a new bathroom installation London? You’ve come to the right place. We are WPJ Heating and we are the leading bathroom installers in London. Our bathroom experts are trained to the highest standards and we always give our customers the top quality of workmanship in our industry.


New Bathroom Installation London – We offer:

Every wet room is different and has different needs. Therefore, we offer a free bathroom consultation so that we can give you an accurate quote for your new bathroom.



What sets our bathroom installation services apart is our meticulous, holistic approach. With our team of experienced and skilled fitters, we guide you through the design process and then implement your plans to give you your ideal bathroom.

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