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Have you seen the outcome of the Public Consultation that the Government commissioned regarding the regulation and licencing of pet activities within the Pet Industry in Scotland?

The outcome was an overwhelming support for Grooming, Sitting, Walking and Boarding to be licenced and regulated and also for people operating within these industries to be qualified. 

Are you fully aware of your legal responsibilities as a Dog Walker / Sitter?

Why not plan for the future and show your customers that you are investing in their pets care by completing a Ofqual regulated qualification?

This Level 3 qualification can be covered in 2 days at your location and remotely for theory work, and covers:

- Understand the roles and responsibilities of a professional dog walker and pet sitter. 

- Be able to record details of animals and clients for the purpose of pet sitting.  

- Know and understand the policies and procedures that need to be put in place prior to setting up a dog walking and pet sitting business.  

- Know and understand client requirements and requests when carrying out dog walking and pet sitting services.  

- Know and understand how to minimise risks when lone working as a dog walker or pet sitter.  

- Know and understand the requirements of current legislation and codes of practice for dog walking and pet sitting including transporting animals. 

- Know and understand a variety of breeds and behaviours typical to their breed group 

- Know and understand how to care for small animals that may require a pet sitting service.  

- Be able to observe and record behaviour demonstrated by a dog, when working as a dog walker or pet sitter. 

- Know and understand how to walk and control a dog.  

- Be able to carry out effective dog walking activities.  

- Know and understand potential hazards that may be experienced whilst in a small animal business.  

- Understand the fundamental requirements of setting up a small animal business 

- Understand the role of marketing in a small canine business 

- Understand the financial requirements of running a small animal business.

At the end of the qualification you will be much more informed and more confident.

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Pawsitively Purrfect Pet Services
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