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Hi there, 

Need a little extra hand getting your beloved best friend out for walks? Stuck on school runs, work or other errands, well look no further I'm here to help.

I'm a friendly, bubbly and pet lover who is looking to build up more clients in dartford and surrounding areas, I am willing to travel up to 30 mins from dartford to collect your dog to go for a walk weather that be once a day, once a week, 2/3 times a day, 2/3 times a week or even more.

If you are needing to leave for school run or work before the time you would like your dog walked worry no more again I am happy to help.

I have previously worked along side another fellow dog walker/boarder and day care,  so have plenty off experience when working with different breeds/behaviour/ age/sex/size dogs.

So please do not hesitate to give me a text message or WhatsApp message.

I have had dogs all my life varying from rottweilers, huskies, Jack Russell's, chihuahua etc.


I run my services Monday to friday 8am to 5pm.

And Every other weekend.

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