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Welcome to HouseKeeper London

This is the website of a small team of private house and apartment cleaners. We offer both regular and one-off cleaning, while pricing depends on the property and volume of work. Homes are different and that’s why we try to align our fees individually according to the type and size of the property.

If you’re interested in testing or reviewing our services, please do get in touch and we will be happy to get back to you.

Regular Cleaning
Choose a Local Company You Can Trust
If cleaning chores don’t scare you, but you absolutely resent dust like most people on this planet, then get in touch with the Housekeeper London team. We will dispatch a trained, vetted, and public liability-insured professional who will dust, wipe, and mop all surfaces in your property on a day of your preference and by following your personal instructions word for word.


Make Your Life Convenient with Regular Cleaning Services in London

Here are some of the benefits you get when you contact our company:

You pay only for the time the staff member worked on site;

Daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly bookings are available;

No extra charge for weekend and bank holiday appointments;

Skipping an appointment is free if you give us a 48-hour notice;

Help with ironing and laundry can be provided if requested.


Regular vs. One-off Cleaning: Everything You Need to Know

One-off: Is performed in a single visit.

Regular cleaning: Can be performed on frequent intervals, according to your preferences and schedule.

One-off: A thorough cleaning option that is suitable when you want to spring clean your home or reorganise it after a party.

Regular cleaning: Renewed automatically until you cancel the surface and suitable for properties who are already relatively clean.

One-off: Can be performed by two or more cleaners, depending on the scale of work and your preferences.

Regular cleaning: Performed by the same single cleaner every single time.

One-off: Cleaners can provide products and equipment for an extra cost.

Regular cleaning: The items need to be supplied by the client instead.


Our Regular Cleaning Process and What It Entails

The same cleaner will arrive for each and every session to maintain the same professional standard and polish the areas of your home in a predefined order that reflects your personal requirements.


And here are some of the surfaces the cleaner will have no trouble refreshing:

Cleaning and polishing appliances, wiping windows on the inside;

Washing dishes, cleaning aspirators, wiping cupboards inside-out;

Vacuuming carpets, as well as sweeping and mopping floors;

Emptying and re-bagging bins, cleaning doors and door handles;

Changing bedding, cleaning picture frames, lamp shades, window blinds;

Disinfecting the bathroom (sinks, taps, mirrors, show cabins, tiles, toilet bowl).


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the things you don’t do?

A: The person cleaning your home can only polish windows on the inside. They are also unable to move heavy furniture (sofas, couches, etc.) and don’t perform any job that is normally done outside, for example brooming patios. Finally, cooking, looking after children, playing with pets, or looking after elderly people is also strictly forbidden due to safety reasons.

Q: Can you help me organise my wardrobe?

A: Absolutely! Upon request, your cleaner can also ensure that your plants are watered, your pet is fed on time, the toaster is free from crumbs, your silverware is polished, and more.

Q: How many hours will the cleaner work?

A: The minimum hours are two hours each week or three hours if you opted for a fortnightly or a monthly schedule. All appointments need to be done on the same day and on the same hour.

Q: What if my cleaner suddenly resigns or falls ill?

A: If that happens, we will be happy to immediately send over a replacement cleaner who will dust and wipe your home up to the same high standard that you have come to expect.


Contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We are available throughout the week, including weekends and bank holidays. For details and quotes, please get in touch and one of our helpful representatives will reach you back up to 24 hours.

You can always HouseKeeper London by calling us on 92183213213

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