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General cleaning of apartments


General work in all areas:

- remove dust

- dry vacuum cleaning

- removal of trash from wastebaskets

- removing dust from household appliances

- wet cleaning of floors and baseboards

- wet cleaning of all types of furniture

cleaning mirrors and glass surfaces

- wet cleaning window sills, radiators and pipes


Cleaning the kitchen:

- removing dust from exhaust

- cleaning and disinfection of sanitary ware

- disinfection of storage space debris

- removing dust from kitchen appliances

wash the cooking plate and remove traces of fat

- wash the wall panels of the kitchen cabinets, removing grease

- wash the external facades of the kitchen cabinets, removing grease

- cleaning kitchen work surfaces, bar counters, table tops


Cleaning the toilet:

cleaning and disinfection santehniki (faucets, sinks, toilets, bidet)

wash tiles locally (where there is pollution)

- wash showers and baths


Dry cleaning of carpets and rugs at home

- Removal of stains using professional spot removers.

- Deodorization – elimination of unpleasant smells


Upholstered furniture cleaning at home and in the office

Window cleaning services in apartments and offices


Caring for hard floors:

- Deep cleaning using chemicals and rotary machine

- Marble polishing with the processing of special protective structure

- Crystallization of marble floor

Grinding stone floors (marble, granite).


cleaning of apartments
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