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Cleaning of apartments in London:

- wash mirrors;

- cleaning of balconies;

- wet cleaning of the kitchen;

cleaning of radiators;

- wash Windows inside and outside;

- removal of dirt, dust from the floor, ceiling, walls;

- remove dust from the external surfaces of furniture;

- special care of the flooring from èkomaterialy;

- damp, dry RUB lighting, office equipment, household appliances.




Cleaning private houses in London:

- washing of all types and sizes of Windows, including panoramic Windows and stained glass;

- cleaning of residential, outbuildings and garage;

- quality cleaning of roofs and gutters;

- cleaning of facades of buildings with the use of specialized cleaning products and professional equipment;

- cleaning of staircases, handrails, interior design Your home;

- cleaning paths, fences and gates of Your house;

- cleaning and disinfection lining of the pool;

- cleaning of baths and saunas includes the cleaning of walls, furnaces, ventilation systems;

- cleaning, read more

- cleaning of garden furniture, gazebos, barbecues.


Upholstered furniture cleaning in London:

- dry cleaning by a professional cleaner;

- primary processing of upholstered furniture specialized chemical compounds;

- basic cleaning of sofa dvukhsloinoi professional orbital machine;

strong contamination can be removed by a professional stain cleaner;

- remove the remaining dirt and solution extractor machine;

- if necessary, coating the surface of upholstered furniture with a special stain-resistant compositions and conditioners.


Free travel to any area of the city.


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