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General cleaning of apartments in London


The General cleaning includes:

dry vacuum cleaning;

vacuuming rugs and carpets;

damp cleaning of floors;

washing of baseboards;

cleaning of radiators;

wiping of window sills, interior items, household appliances, audio and video equipment;

wiping the dust from table and wall lighting fixtures;

wiping of mirrors;

cleaning household items (placed in neat piles);

wash doors, including hardware;

wiping the interior surfaces of all cabinets, shelves, etc.

vacuum cleaning of soft furniture;

removing medium to strong contamination located on the exposed surfaces.


Work in bathrooms

wash sanitary ware (toilet, washbasin, bath, bidet) removing lime scale and water stone;

wash rack, plastic ceiling;

wash faucets;

wiping of cabinets, mirrors, accessories;

cleaning and washing inside the cabinets;

deep cleaning tiles, removing limescale

washer washing machine outside.


Work in the kitchen

wash the working area of the hood

wash the outer surfaces of kitchen appliances (fridge, stove, microwave, dishes. machine, kettle, etc.)

wash the front surface of the refrigerator

wash kitchen apron

wash the front surface of the kitchen cabinets.


cleaning of apartments
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