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Garden maintenance - Gardening services

Local gardener - Garden Tidy up - Lawn Mowing - Grass cutting




- Please send me photos on WhatsApp as will be easier to get an idea of the work needed.

- You can also text /call me for a chat and to discuss all the details.


Gardening & Maintenance work carried out to high standards of workmanship, professionalism and cleanliness.

Great for a one-off service or regular maintenance.

Gardening Services Include (Not Limited To):

-General Gardening maintenance

- Grass Cutting

- Lawn Care

- Trimming/Cutting Hedges

- Restoring & Clearing Borders

- Removing/Killing Weeds

- Removing Overgrowth

- Clear Out Back to Basic Layout & General Tidy Ups

- Small Trees Cut Down or Removed

Ask about other services.


Any Questions & For A Free Quote Call us.

Anywhere in London and nearby areas.



Our team always clear up after themselves, even sweeping pavements and driveways as needed and dispose of the hedge trimmings in an environmental and responsible way.

As with our hedge cutting service we can schedule our visits as often as you need to keep your hedge in good condition throughout the year. We recommend trimming hedges and bushes at least once a year, but depending on the type of hedge maybe twice.

Our team are happy to operate under your direction and will always endeavour to complete a job based on your requirements. Well maintained and trimmed hedges, shrubs and trees will significantly improve the overall appearance of the surrounding area.

We offer a complete hedge cutting and pruning service throughout the year

Common species of hedges that we deal with are Beech, Hornbeam, Box, Privet, Yew, Cherry laurel, Leyllandii, Holly, Blackthorn, Hawthorn and Berberis.

If you need your hedges trimmed, shaped, maintained or renovated, our team of experienced hedge trimmers can instantly transform your garden by pruning your hedges to look exactly the way you want.



We pride ourselves on our reliability, friendly approach and most importantly, our knowledge of the industry. We have many years of experience working for numerous commercial and domestic clients.

We know that customer satisfaction is key to business, so we ensure the highest standards of work at a highly competitive and reasonable rate. Whether you need a stripy lawn, lawn cutting, hedge cutting, leaf clearance, or patio and driveway clearing, we can give you a competitive quote.

Our Garden Operators have experience in all types of Hedges and the different sizes of the jobs undertaken vary tremendously.

The reason for calling us can vary, maybe your hedge has grown too far onto the pavement, or is obscuring your windows, doors and views, or maybe the job has just become to much for you to cope with.

We always clear up afterwards, even sweeping pavements and driveways as needed and we dispose of the hedge cuttings in an environmental and responsible way.

Whatever the reason – if enough is enough or you need a new lawn give us a call today.



We offer a very high standard grass mowing service.

Lawn mowing and grass cutting services for commercial and domestic customers, we cut lawns and grass areas for domestic gardens large and small, estates, communal areas such as blocks of flats and housing associations, industrial estates, hotels, and schools.

Lawn mowing and grass cutting services are available on a weekly, fortnightly or an ad-hoc basis, ensuring your grass area is always healthy and looking great.

Our lawn maintenance service includes mowing, feeding aeration and over seeding as required, to ensure your lawn is maintained to a very high standard and in peak condition.

All or lawn mowing and maintenance services, whether contractual or ad hoc, include the removal and green disposal of all clippings leaving your garden neat and tidy.



We provide weed control services in a London and surrounding areas.

Weeds, moss and slippery surfaces are a significant health and safety concern in both domestic and commercial areas.

We offer effective treatment of these sites to control and remove weeds and moss, keeping areas free of trip or slip hazards and generally bringing the appearance of your property up to high standards.

Left to grow weeds also interfere with infrastructure, create fire risks, de-grade stock and create security issues by obscuring views.

We can offer regular programmed visits to help prevent the recurrence of the problem in areas such as car parks, industrial sites, hospitals, nursing homes, site clearance, play areas, passageways, driveways, patios, and decking.



Have you noticed that your patio or drive way looks like its in need of a good clean?

We have the latest patio cleaning techniques and endeavour to bring even the dirtiest patios or driveways back to life.

We provides a expert maintenance cleaning service for all types of hard landscapes for both domestic and commercial customers across the London area.

Using the latest in High Pressure equipment our team provide a excellent quality, professional cleaning service for driveway cleaning block paving, patio’s, decking, pathways, forecourts, car parks, swimming pool areas, conservatories, fascia & most paved and brick surfaces.

Our fully trained and insured team offer a high pressure cleaning services with a guarantee on customer satisfaction.

Our objectives are to get your property looking as good as new by restoring it back to to its original build quality. Even more importantly we maintain the safety of the property by cleaning slippery surfaces and removing harmful spills and stains on surfaces.



We have laid hundreds of lawns throughout Sussex so we have the expertise to provide you with the highest quality finished lawn.

Turfing can be described as an art form and requires great skill to produce a high-quality product from seed, to the ready to lay turf and we have mastered that skill to produce the best there is.

We specialise in all areas of Garden maintenance, supplying a quality service from concept/design through to completion combining experience acquired over many years.

We have done work for many large companies, but also welcome domestic enquiries, whether you’re thinking of having some turfing work done to your home or relaying some new turf – give us a call today to find out how we can help you.


We provide a service that is a cut above the rest. Our skilled team are fully equipped and trained to carry out grounds maintenance, turf laying, planting and construction work to an exceptionally high standard.


Garden Tidy up- Garden maintenance-Lawn Mowing -Grass cutting -Gardening services - Local gardener

Sometimes the weeds have taken over, the lawn is patchy where the children have been on their garden swing, or the builders might have finished their work.


Thank you.

Contact Andrew: 07546322645


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