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How often, after the construction and repair works, which are held in the apartment are piles of garbage and a lot of dust. Therefore, high-quality cleaning up after repair of apartments, houses or other premises consists of many stages and not all the strength.

My job is to quickly and efficiently remove the room from dust, dirt and debris that are inevitable during the repair work. I know that most of the contaminants are removed with difficulty, if not impossible to remove them without the use of special tools. Of course, we still have a good understanding in detergents in order to properly apply not hurt just to make repairs. Furthermore, most of these tools are unsafe and they need to exchange with caution.

Garbage collection and wet cleaning of all surfaces after repair or move - this is only the visible part of the iceberg. In fact, the general cleaning of the apartment after the repair involves mainly the removal of various stains that seem to appear out of nowhere.

I know how to clean and in what order, so I can guarantee the quality of their work. Here is a small list of works:

- For a start all garbage and waste which remained after repair is cleaned. These are the hard putty remains, paper, polyethylene, empty jars or capacities, a construction crumb, sand, the remains of building materials and another.
- Removal of local pollution: drops of paint, a varnish, a spot from different mixes, the stuck cement particles. Doors, walls, windows, ceilings are cleared.
- Removal of dust from radiator lattices and air vents by means of the powerful vacuum cleaner with special nozzles which allows to get into hard-to-reach spots.
- Removal of dust from pieces of furniture: chairs, sofas, beds, chairs, cases. If necessary the dry-cleaner of upholstered furniture is carried out.
- Clarification of glass surfaces: mirrors, illuminants, glass doors or partitions, sink of windows.
- Clarification from dust and small garbage which got to cracks of a handrail, plinths, slip-ups.
- By means of the rotor car clarification of a floor is made.
- Cleaning of bathrooms with application of different sanitary and hygienic means is made.

 I leave on the house and at a time convenient to you. Of course, I can not tell you right away how much time cleaning, but I can guarantee fast and quality work. I know that is clean and ready to give it to you.

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