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Guitar Lessons - Book a FREE* Trial!

SKYPE Lessons Available Also!

Are You frustrated with your guitar playing?

Do You find it really hard to make small improvements?

Does learning from the Internet seem too random?

Do You feel like you're going round in circles playing the same things over and over?

Did You take lessons that made playing boring and failed to deliver the results You wanted?

Are you disappointed that you’ve not become the guitarist you dreamed of?


It's Definitely Not Your Fault...

I know exactly how you feel. Most of my students have experienced these very common situations. However, it's easy to break free from what's holding you back with the right approach.


I've been where you are too. The solution for me came after a long period of what felt like I was climbing up hill. Everything in my guitar world changed when I found an outstanding guitar teacher. Since then I have overcome all my limitations and have helped hundreds of students over the last 15 years.


I invite you to join my specially designed Infinite Guitar Coaching Training with the option of private, Skype or group lessons. I have 15 years of teaching experience, graduating from the London College of Music. My students ages range from 7 to 72 - all the way from total beginners to aspiring professionals. Many students I coached have been accepted into The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance and other prestigious Music Colleges.


I cover all contemporary styles and subgenres to name:











Learn all the secrets of how to make practicing the guitar very exciting and fulfilling!

To get started on the journey of becoming the guitar player of your dreams, book your FREE TRIAL* today!


Instagram: @infinite_guitar_coaching

Facebook: /alexblakeinfiniteguitarcoaching

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Instagram: @infinite_guitar_coaching
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