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Quick and Convenient Washing Machine Repairs

No Hidden Costs
Fixed Price Repairs
Which includes all labour.
One off call and labour charge
Washing Machine Repairs London & The Home Counties. Capital repairs have over 30 years experience in fixing washing machines in London. We are your local experts in washing machine repairs. Contact our friendly team today to discuss how we can help you.
It’s the worst feeling in the world! You load up the washing machine with dirty laundry, turn it on and dash off to work, confident that by the time you get home the kids’ football kits will be clean for tomorrow. But even your trusty washing machine gets tired and worn out sometimes and you might arrive home to find it still sitting there, full of dry dirty clothing – no washing done.

Washing machine breakdowns are probably the most disruptive and frustrating domestic disasters that impact on your daily round. It’s a crisis that needs quick action. Most people fear that washing machine repairs would be expensive, and may not last long, so they often opt to spend out on a new washing machine that will solve the problem in a hurry with minimum hassle.

Stop and think again! With Capital Repairs you can be assured that in most cases repairs are far cheaper than replacement, and if they’re likely not to be we’ll be honest and tell you we don’t believe repair would be economical. We charge a fixed fee for washing machine repairs, which we’ll quote you up front, so there will be no hidden surprises.

Also, our highly trained and experienced washing machine engineers will come to you quickly wherever you live in or around London with our fully equipped repair van. We are usually able to make efficient washing machine repairs on the spot – no waiting for spare parts – on any make or model of washing machine, so there’s no time wasted.


Quick and Convenient Washing Machine Repairs

Our repair teams work seven days a week, so you can book an appointment at your convenience. When you call it is helpful if you can give us the make and model of your washing machine, and a general idea of what is wrong with it. This will ensure that our engineers come equipped with the right spare parts and tools to diagnose and fix the fault.

There is no reason why your washing machine shouldn’t continue to give you years of faithful service after being repaired by our experts. It certainly helps if you spare the hard-working machine a thought now and then to keep it well-maintained. We offer to do periodic washing machine services, and you can read our Washing Machine Care Tips to see what you can do yourself to increase the lifespan of your washing machine.


Common Washing Machine Faults

Even if your washing machine doesn’t just stop working completely it may show signs that it is ailing. If you spot any of these symptoms it would be wise to call the Capital Repairs washing machine repair team straight away, to ensure that the problem doesn’t get worse and more difficult to fix:

- Vibrating and bouncing. Most washing machines shiver and shake to a certain degree, but if your machine suddenly becomes more vigorous in its movements it is best to have the shock absorbers checked.

- If the water won’t drain from the machine it could be just a blocked hose or filter, or something more ominous such as a broken pump or serious fault in the machinery itself. Call us to help.

- Ripped clothes. Yes, ripped jeans may be fashionable, but if your washing machine starts chewing up the laundry it’s not trying to be trendy. Call in an expert to see if there’s a problem with the drum.

- Excessive noise, like too much vibrating, could be a sign that something has come loose or got caught behind the drum, there may be a problem with the pump or the bearings could be worn or damaged.

- Failure to spin could be down to something simple like putting in a too large load, or it could be a sign of problems with the motor or a blocked drain pump.

- If there is no water intake first check the taps and the hose-tap connection for impediments. If all looks well then there might be a problem with the water valve or pumping taps, and it would be best to call in the professionals.

- If the door won’t open you’ll need to make sure there is no water in the washing machine because most machines won’t open if water is present in the drum. Faulty doors are also down to switch problems which prevent the lock from releasing, or possibly jamming due to damage. Don’t worry, we can fix it.

- When the machine stops working and won’t turn on it need not be a catastrophic failure. The cause could be a faulty or damaged switch or wiring, overheating, or the interlock on the door not working. Call Capital Repairs to diagnose and repair the problem.

- If your washing machine emanates an unpleasant smell it just needs a good clean and flush through. There could be mould and bacteria build up in the filters, the detergent drawer and around the rubber seals.


All the Big Brand Washing Machines

The list of washing machine faults and failures that can occur that we have noted above is just the tip of the iceberg as far as the potential repairs your washing machine may need in its lifetime go.

Washing machines are our most hard-working domestic appliances – particularly in a busy family home – so it is inevitable things will wear out and break down occasionally.

A break-down is not necessarily terminal however – certainly not when the Capital Repairs team are called in to treat it.

Our engineers make quick assessments and diagnoses and are adept at handling all sorts of issues like replacing faulty drums and blocked pumps, repairing broken door gaskets and snapped belts, and fitting new switches.

It makes no difference which make or model of washing machine you have – our clever technicians are familiar with them all, from those with the very latest technological features such as Samsung’s “AddWash” and Whirlpool’s “FreshCare” and the newer energy and water-saving models, to older machines that are still going strong after many years.


Please call us:

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