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Hang the chandelier

To replace the socket

Set the stove or the dishwasher

To install the switch

Installation of fixtures

Install sconces

Install spotlights

The installation of TVs

Connection of appliances

Fan installation

Installation of telephone socket

Install your TV antenna, cable wiring.


Plumbing work:

Replacing and installing a toilet

Replacing and installing a faucet.

Installation of water heaters

Sink installation

Installing kitchen sinks

Replacement shell

Replacement toilet tank

Connection of the washing machine

Connection of dishwasher


Cabinet Assembly

Build beds

Build cabinets, chests of drawers

Assembly tables, book tables


Minor repairs:

Installation of home appliances

Installation of a plinth floor

Installation of the cornice

Install blinds on the Windows

Punching small holes in the walls of concrete and brick

Filling tile joints concrete foam cutting

Grout tile joints

Painting cast iron radiator and battery

Painting of interior and steel doors

Installation of enclosures

Cable TV


And much more…

Departure to any district of the city

Consultation and order by phone


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la Ville
United Kingdom

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Construction et Réparation
Travailleurs générales
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mardi 19 janvier 2016
il ya 8 ans et 3 mois
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