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Boiler Repair London

Providing boiler repair & maintenance servicing to residential and commercial properties throughout south London, our boiler repair plumbers in London are experienced in both home and business plumbing, with excellent knowledge of boiler breakdown and plumbing gas installations. We are Gas Safe Registered and IPHE approved and with over 10 years experience we conisder ourselves experts in servicing and breakdowns whether it is gas boiler service or electric boiler repair.

We offer boiler breakdown & repair servicing for small offices, shops and residential properties, servicing many happy clients in and around the South London area that use us time and time again for all their boiler needs.


Boiler Servicing in South London

Washing clothes, rinsing dishes, washing your hands, taking a shower, cleaning the bathroom, the list of activities that involve boiler usage is long. It gives you some idea of just how much boilers require servicing. If you want your property’s boiler to last a long time, it is crucial you take care of it with an annual boiler service & maintenance. We recommend that your boiler is serviced once a year.

Regularly servicing & maintaining a boiler may seem costly, but it is cheaper than replacing it every three years, and any other property damage which may occur, such as damp from slow leaks or floods. You may also find that you are liable for another property’s damage if you own a flat that is above another, and your boiler problems cause water damage to the flat below.


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How to Ensure the Longevity of Your Boiler

There comes a time when you will wonder whether to repair or replace your gas boiler.

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Boiler Installation

Whether it is a landlord letting out their property or a private dwelling, boiler installation can represent the most frustrating aspect of a property. But whether you have a combi-boiler or gas boiler, good boiler installation is the best way to ensure it has a long life.

It used to be that installed boilers were designed and manufactured so that parts that broke could be easily replaced, helping to keep the costs of boiler servicing & repairs down. However, these days boilers tend to be installed so that if they fail, the whole boiler system must be re-installed, which can prove costly.

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Installing a New Boiler

If you are installing a new boiler for a property, there are some important considerations. For example, it is in your interests to install a boiler that is as energy efficient as possible, as this is a good marketing point for potential tenants who will have a consideration of what the energy bills may be. With increasing energy costs year in and year out, this is becoming a priority for savvy tenants.

Be sure to install a boiler that has enough capacity for the property. Small boilers may not fill a large bath, so be conscious of how many people will live in the property and how many people the new boiler install is required to serve. This will also prolong the life of your boiler.

When installing a boiler, ensure it is well ventilated when fitted. It is also a landlords legal requirement that you fit a carbon monoxide detector by any boiler installation to protect the safety of your tenants.

Boiler Installation South London 020 7733 6812


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