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Searching for a handyman London or general handyman services?

Welcome to the Handy Squad.

Search no further as the Squad is here to help. At the Handy Squad we have an entire team of highly-experienced handymen ready to give a helping hand to anyone that requires it. If you are located in London, you’re in luck as we cover the whole of London in our unmistakable yellow scooters.

Our London handyman team is able to assemble flat pack furniture, remove old grout from tiles, wall mount TV units, baby proof homes, tidy cables, install bath screens, among many other services. What are you waiting for?


Flat pack assembly

Having trouble with your flat-pack furniture? We’ll assemble it for you. Welcome to the Handy Squad.

Flat pack furniture was designed for easy and quick assembly; however, it often leads to confusion and arguments amongst your loved ones. We’ll take that burden out of your hands and make sure you’ll simply enjoy the end result of flat pack furniture rather than the whole process of assembling it.


Office furniture

Have you just opened a new firm and require professionals to assemble the furniture? Welcome to the Handy Squad.

Perhaps you have just decided to use your spare room as your home office and you’re ready to decorate it, however, you don’t have enough time to do it – don’t worry! The Squad is here to help. Our team of London handymen will be able to assemble any office furniture you might require, from assembling office chairs to assembling office desks.


In case you are creating your home office and you will attempt to assemble the furniture on your own, you should consider a few pointers before. Firstly, you should plan the process methodically, organising all the components and reading the instructions carefully. Nothing is worse than getting all set to assemble a chair only to find out that you don’t have the right pieces or there are some special screws missing. When you have everything in order, find plenty of space for you to assemble the unit, grab the required tools and get to work! We recommend having an image of the end result of the unit to aid you during the process.

Have you started assembling a desk, but you think you bit off more than you can chew? Maybe the seat of the chair you were trying to build ended up facing the wrong direction? Or maybe you were trying to assemble a desk for hours and somehow assembled a side panel backwards and now you’ve given up with the whole desk completely. Give us a call and we’ll assemble it for you or simply give you a second pair of hands.

If you are redecorating your office or completely having a makeover, the Handy Squad might be of help with a few more services we offer, including painting walls with the brand’s colour, painting doors or simply paint a feature wall; lift and shit furniture around to create a good feng shui in your office; fitting new locks; repair taps; undertake portable appliance tests and much more.


Hanging things up

Looking for a handyman to hang pictures or a professional to hang bookshelves?

Welcome to the Handy Squad.

Hanging up a picture frame or hanging up a mirror might seem like a simple task, however, hanging up pieces of décor or furniture is one of the most common jobs that our team does – it is never quite as simple as you might think. Our highly-experienced handymen will be able to hang up multi photo frames, hang up large mirrors, put up nursery curtains, fit floating shelves and wall mount TVs. 



Looking for a TV wall mounting service in London? Welcome to the Handy Squad.

Have you received a new flat screen TV two weeks ago and it is still standing in the same place as it was because you haven’t gone around to mounting it to the wall? Perhaps you simply don’t have enough time in your hands to finish the job – don’t worry, the Handy Squad is here to give you a helping hand and fix it firmly to the wall. We have a London handymen team who will be with you shortly, ready to install your new TV to the wall, so you can finally enjoy the wonders of full HD.


Have you thought about the placement? Placement is key as you’ll have to consider the viewing angle, accessibility to electric outlets, if the wall will be strong enough to hold the television up and the overall décor of the room. Additionally, will you want to have your gaming console next to the television? What about a soundbar or speakers for a complete surround sound experience? You’ll have to consider these devices and perhaps put up a shelf near the television to hold them.

We would recommend hiding the electrical cables, instead of leaving them out in the open, ready to become more tangled than headphone wires. You have two main options, either choose to bury them in the wall surface or run the wires along the surface of the wall.

Surface-mounted wires will be easier to replace whenever you want to upgrade your electronics again, however, they won’t look as good as chased-in wires. If you mind having visible wires, the other option is painting the wires, so they blend in with the rest of the wall. Buried cables even though it is a more difficult job to do – it will be worth the effort as it will give the room a more modern and cleaner look.


Our Address:

Unit 17 Sulivan Enterprise Centre,

Sulivan Road,


London SW6 3DJ

Calls from abroad or mobiles – please call: 020 7384 5160

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