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Live-in Care

Home Care Preferred offers the care and support needed to allow people to live fulfilled lives in the comfort of their own familiar surroundings.

We offer many different types of care and support for adults of all ages. This includes care services for older people and those living with dementia, and support for adults with a range of different disabilities and conditions.


Home Care for Older People

Leaving your home to live in a care home can be traumatic, which is why we offer services to help people live in the comfort of their own home for as long as possible. We can offer additional help a few times per week or even as a full-time live-in arrangement to maintain a good quality of life without the stress and upheaval of moving to a residential care home.

Our care options include care for people with specialist requirements as well as more general support for people who are simply a little less mobile than they once were. This is an increasingly popular alternative around the country and helps to maintain independence.


End of Life Care at Home

Most people prefer to end their lives at home rather than in a hospital or hospice, but providing the necessary support is often beyond the skills of immediate family or friends. Our support assistants are experienced in handling both the practical requirements of caring for someone at this stage of their life and helping both the client and their family through the emotional turmoil involved in losing a family member.

Our palliative care team ensure dignity, compassion, and respect in every element of their work and this commitment is at the heart of everything we do.


Support for Acquired Brain Injury & Neurological Conditions

Life after a traumatic brain injury can feel daunting, both for clients and family members trying to provide care. The team at Home Care Preferred can help improve quality of life for people who are recuperating after a brain injury or diagnosis of a long term neurological condition. We can help with everything from personal care and daily living, through to relearning life skills and behaviour management.


Support for Adults with Learning Disabilities

We treat every client as an individual, tailoring care packages and solutions to each person’s personality, challenges, and preferences. Our team will focus on what each client can do, and overcome potential obstacles to improve quality of life and maintain independence as much as possible. Our care services for adults with learning disabilities include helping them successfully live at home independently, teaching skills to manage money and travel, preparing for job interviews, through to building social skills and discovering new hobbies.


Support for Older People at Home
Helping you live a happy life in your own home
Often as people grow older they may reach a point at which they, or their loved ones, can no longer live a normal life without additional help. This often means difficult decisions have to be made regarding the best and most appropriate way to obtain the care needed in order to maintain the desired quality of life.

Until recently people typically thought that a residential care home was the only option available even if this idea filled the older person with dread.


Alternatives to a Care Home

There are now more choices than ever for people who want to remain in their own home. It is our aim to make staying at home as easy as possible, to give our clients the level of independence they desire whilst giving loved ones peace of mind.

In our experience support at home for older people is entirely possible even for those with specialist care requirements, with costs typically comparable to those associated with residential care. Fully tailored to the needs of the individual, our support offers significant benefits over residential care, allowing you or your loved one to continue to live independently in the comfort and security of your own home, enjoy your favourite activities and remain part of your local community.

Support for older people in their own home is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to being admitted to a care home. It avoids the trauma of potential separation from a loved one or giving up a treasured pet and the potential loss of freedom and independence.


Benefits of Support in your own home

In addition, living in your own home gives greater flexibility. In some locations Home Care Preferred can provide just a few hours care per week which can be increased as needs change.  Live-in Support is the ultimate level of support and has the benefit of true continuity. We can provide Live-in Support throughout London and the South-east.

From companionship through to personal care and to higher level care needs, our Support Assistants can help anyone to stay at home. We understand the importance of promoting and maintaining independence, helping maintain regular routines and preferences where appropriate and of course facilitating appointments, trips out and having as normal life as possible.

Everyone of our clients has different needs and our flexible service and talented team members mean that we can tailor support to your requirements.


Have an Informal Conversation with us to Discuss Possible Options
If you are considering support for you or a loved one please phone for an informal conversation with one of our friendly team. This will helps us to better understand your needs and assist us with providing possible support options.


What is Live-in Care
A real alternative to life in a care home
Home Care Preferred is seeing time and time again the benefits of live in care for both our clients and their families. We are an established, award winning full-time care at home service which allows you, or your loved one, to stay at home in familiar and relaxed surroundings with an excellent level of one to one support.

Our support assistants are special people who embrace personal care, housekeeping and all importantly companionship . Our service is a realistic alternative to life in a residential care home and a choice that enables you to retain control and independence in your life.

Live in care is exactly what is says

A support assistant will live in the home of the person that needs them and pretty much do all they reasonably can to maintain a good lifestyle for the client.


There are so many benefits of our live in care service and this is just a few of the advantages:

You can remain safely in the home that you love

Those that care about you have total peace of mind

If you are a couple you can stay together

A loved pet stays with you

Your life is not disrupted, you live life your way

Clients are able to maintain friendships and connections with the local community

No need to dispose of treasured possessions

Friends and family can visit as they always have

Your support assistant will do the household chores you can no longer complete but you can continue with things you are able to

Personal care is provided as required

People who have dementia fair much better in familiar home surroundings

Life typically improves, we so often see our clients and their support assistant having fun


How Live-in Care Works
Peace of mind knowing someone is always there
The Process
We try very hard to ensure that receiving support at home is as stress free as possible. We realise having someone new living in your home can cause some apprehension however we go to great lengths to provide lots of reassurance.

The first part of the process is for us to meet with you. At this meeting we tell you more about our services and answer any questions. In many cases it is the families we meet first followed by a second meeting with the client. We are very flexible.

Once you decide you want to proceed with services we arrange an assessment. This gives us an opportunity to really understand the support that is required and from this we develop your support plan.

At this stage it is typical for the client and their families to have a good idea of a desired starting date.

Based on all the information we have gathered we match a suitable support assistant and arrange an introductory visit.  This usually takes place at the client’s home.

The majority of the time this is a successful meeting and a starting date is agreed.  We develop the support plan further and put all the paper work in place.

The support is then closely monitored by our Care Manager and management team. This includes communication and visits from our compliance team to ensure that everyone is happy.  At the agreed time a second support assistant is introduced to cover the period when the main support assistant takes their week’s holiday.

All our team directly employed by Home Care Preferred

A consistent service for our clients is vital and this is helped by us directly employing all our team. This means that all support assistants are employees of Home Care Preferred. In addition we have an experienced management team who take responsibility for the support assistants supervision and management. In addition there is on-going training for our support assistants.

Our method of operating means you never have to worry about such things as national insurance, travel, tax, expenses or annual leave.  We look after this within our inclusive monthly fee.



Please note, these contact details are for Home Care Preferred National Office.
Address: 49 Station Road, Winchmore Hill

London N21 3NB

Phone: 020 8364 3670


United Kingdom

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