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People feel better at home, where the comfort, security and stability of familiar surroundings and routines allow them to feel more comfortable and at ease, which is particularly important in later life.


Our live-in carers offer individuals or couples a welcome and reassuring alternative to care homes, unpredictable community care and extended hospital stays. Many healthcare professionals agree that their patients recover more quickly, following illness or an operation, when they are able to recuperate in their own homes.


A live-in carer will benefit, not only an individual client but, the entire family. Our bespoke service has been helping families throughout the UK for over 50 years by offering a full 24/7 one-to-one service shaped by each client’s situation and needs, extending their independence and enabling daily freedom of choice.


A live-in carer can provide:

- 24/7 round-the-clock reassurance just moments away

- personal care - all aspects of a daily routine, including dressing/undressing, washing, showering, bathing, oral care, hair care, shaving, continence care and toileting

- companionship - help with social activities and outings

- general housework - shopping, cooking, laundry and cleaning

- help with looking after family pets

- total freedom of choice - such as choosing when to get up or go to bed

- freedom from the fixed visiting times and rigid daily routines.


Short-term care


Easily and quickly to organize short-term, a live-in care at home to support you or your loved one.


Offering peace of mind to clients and their families, live-in care is now often the preferred choice for many people. Home care offers those with a medical condition or recovering from an illness, the opportunity to stay at home in familiar surroundings with their local support network around them. Our carers live in the clients’ homes, enabling them to offer round the clock care and support. This can be a great reassurance to clients and their families and improves the overall health and wellbeing of the individual needing care.


The advantage of 24/7 care is priceless and we are confident we can help in any situation. An affordable care solution, private in-home care is less expensive than a care home and offers a more personal service within the comfort of the clients’ own homes.


If you or your loved one needs short term professional care, leading national live-in care provider, Consultus, is able to provide highly qualified and experienced carers at 24 hours’ notice. We carefully match our carers to our clients, so you can be confident that you will receive the dedicated help you need. Our carers will quickly adapt to the client’s medical requirements and routine and ensure that they continue to receive a high level of care.


Our short-term care means clients can:

- Be cared for at home in familiar surroundings. Our experience shows that being cared for at home improves recovery rates and overall levels of health and well-being. Whether its your photos, pets or garden, everyone is happier at home and it’s usually the best place to be cared for

- Give themselves or a carer a break from the responsibilities of full time care. This can help sustain your regular care arrangements, by providing respite to all involved with the support of a private live-in carer

- Enjoy professional support at home when recovering from an illness or surgery. Our carers are trained in recovery and rehabilitation care and can offer the professional support that is often needed post-surgery or when recovering from a medical condition.


Our carers provide a broad range of services, these include:


Convalescent care – increase recovery rates and give your loved one the specialist care they need following an operation or during a period of recuperation


Crisis or emergency care – organise care at short notice following a medical emergency.

Our qualified carers will quickly adapt to the client’s requirements and ensure that they receive the necessary support


Intermittent chronic care – those experiencing a chronic condition benefit from intermittent care support.

A live-in carer enables clients to enjoy support with their daily care and tasks and have some much needed rest and relaxation


Planned respite care – relatives and carers can confidently enjoy time away, knowing that the live-in carer is always on hand and that our experienced

Care Consultants are just a telephone call away for additional advice, if needed.


In addition, arranging a short-term stay is the best way to test our service and allow you to take time to think through your various care options.


A carer can often be arranged for you at 24 hours’ notice.


Interested in finding out more?

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