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We can arrange for a School teacher to tutor your son or daughter National 5, Higher Biology, Higher Human or Advanced Biology on a one-on-one weekly basis in Glasgow, we can also offer a host of Revision course throughout the academic year where Biology is one of the subjects we offer. Please view some of the courses on the right-hand side of this page. * Don’t leave it to long as both our tutor and courses book up quickly

Biology is the study of life, from how your garden grows to genetically engineered crops, saving endangered species and breeding animals that are extinct in the wild. Zoo keepers, Vets, Doctors, Botanists, Zoo archaeologists, and people working to save the environment all use biology in their every day job. Even more a grounding helps you understand how to stay healthy, why you should vaccinate your children, what a healthy diet really means, how to practise good hygiene, maybe even keep your plants alive on the windowsill. It is the science of life, all life, including our own. Sometimes seen as the softer of the three main branches of science the addition of cell and many of the complex life systems into the higher level curricula means that universities and employers know that a good grade in biology demonstrates great academic abilities. In fact for the courses that are harder to gain a place on, such as Veterinary science and Medicine biology is a prerequisite.


Biology Tutor Glasgow

We know that choosing a tutor is a difficult choice. Unless you are working in education yourself it may seem like a mine field for you. We take the difficult choices out of the equation by recommending only tutors that are teachers themselves. We ask that they are registered with the General Teaching Council, have up to date and valid CRB or DBS checks, and are working in the classroom environment, meaning their knowledge is up to date and they are abreast of the latest techniques. You child’s education is an important part of their lives, and we take it seriously, ensuring that only the best tutors are entrusted to help your child achieve their goals and dreams


Biology is a complex subject coming from multiple biological disciplines, meaning that students have to absorb large amounts of knowledge, learn numerous techniques and remember a variety of facts. To help with this alongside our one to one sessions and advanced study sessions over the Christmas and Easter holidays we offer weekly group sessions to make sure that students are confident and learning to the best of their abilities. Check here for up to date information regarding the locations and times. We target our intensive sessions to the points in the year when exams are looming and exam stress is taking over their lives.


We can offer help with Biology at all levels

National 5


Advanced Higher

Higher Human Biology


The change in the National curriculum throughout the UK means that students are having to learn new topics and exams are being marked to a higher standards, Adding to the pressure students are being put under. The new National 5s were introduced in 2014, followed by the new Highers, and in 2015 the new Advanced Highers. This radical shake up to the National Curriculum and the British education system is one in a line of changes that has added pressure to students. Increasing the risk that a student may miss vital information and need a helping hand to catch up.

We know that there are numerous options for tutoring your child, from watching videos online, through to face to face over the internet tuition with tutors that may have little or no idea of the Scottish education system. Instead, we provide a friendly local service. Based in Glasgow, White Craigs, Giffnock, Newton Mearns, East Kilbride, Kelvinside, Bearsden, we hopefully have a tutor close to you. Our tutors are working in local schools, meaning that they are aware of the exams and exam times that your child is taking. With a range of options from weekly through to holiday sessions, contact us now to secure your place with one of our tutors


Chemistry Tutor Glasgow

Every time you put soap in your washing machine, bleach in the toilet, do a water change in your fish tank, or just turn on the tap and drink clean safe water you have chemists to thank. Even in death chemistry is analysing us. Ever seen an episode of CSI? That’s mostly chemistry. As well as being the portal to numerous dynamic and thought provoking jobs chemistry is considered one of the better subjects when applying to colleges and universities.


Deciding to get a tutor should never be an instant decision, but equally you need to be able to select a tutor when you need one, and have had the hard work done by someone else. We only recommend General Teaching Council registered teachers who are actively working in the class room. This means that you know they are experienced and qualified as well as being up to date with their safety requirements such as CRB or DBS checks.


For students taking National 5 and Higher chemistry we have weekly study groups to back up and reinforce learning. Added to one to one tuition sessions, or intensive pre exam revision sessions our tutors can work with students to make sure that they grasp the concepts at every level.

Many students struggle to grasp higher level concept not because of a lack of intelligence, but because a simple fact or knowledge that they misunderstood or were never introduced to earlier in their studies. Other students find that the theoretical style of teaching that is the method of teaching for many class rooms is unsuited to their learning styles. One to one or small group tutors can allow the teacher to present the topic in a different light and give students another chance to grasp the topic.

With the shake up in the British Education system new National 5, Highers and Advanced Highers were introduced in 2014 and 2015, along with the intention for the exams to be tougher and the higher grades to be awarded to few students. This shake up has reintroduced many topics to some subject that may not have been taught at a lower level as teachers prepared students for the exams they presumed they were going to be taking.

This shake up is said to be a positive for the education system as a whole, but for the students in the class room whilst the new system beds in and is shaped by the teachers and exam boards, it is likely that some will need additional support that hard pressed teachers are ill equipped to deal with. Tuition and extra sessions outside of the classroom can fill in these gaps and allow these students to have the options available to other students.


You may have already looked at other tuition services and found that all too many companies offer online tuition that is based on the English GCSE and A-Level systems. Instead, we offer a local service targeted at Scottish students, with tutors in Glasgow, Whitecraigs, Giffnock, Newton Mearns, East Kilbride, Kelvinside, Bearsden, we are confident that you can find the right tutor for your student. Contact us now to make sure they are getting the support they need immediately before they fall any further behind.


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