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North London Homecare and Support Ltd. know it's essential for both the person who needs the care and support and their relatives, to be assured that the care given is exactly what they need.

We offer a transparent service with flexibility, to ensure our service meets the individual needs of the person receiving our service. We recognise that care and support may be required at short notice and often at a time of crisis. We have identified below a list of points we advise you to consider when planning the care and support you need.

If you would like to talk through your care needs and any concerns, please call us at either branch.

Harlow 01279 452105 or Enfield 0208 443 3380.



The first thing you need to decide is how much care and support you or your loved one is going to need. For example, you might just need a short daily visit to check on you or your loved one or to cook and serve a meal or more calls might be needed throughout the day to support the Individual with their daily living and personal care.


Alternatively, you might need a higher level of care and require support staff for longer periods. We can provide our services during the day or night, every day of the week and every week of the year. Our night services can either be asleep, where we can be called if needed or awake for immediate assistance and constant supervision.


We can provide services on a continuous basis or on a short term basis, to provide relief to other carers, to give them a break from their responsibilities. This may be occassionally or on a regular daily or weekly basis or in some cases just when they are away on holiday. We can also take the person we are supporting away on a holiday too. We can support those people who need support, to participate in social and recreational activities either at home or in their local community.


Some of our services you might want to consider include:

Meal preparations

Assistance with medication

Liaising with other services/professionals

Emotional support

Help with dressing and hygiene


Running errands

Getting out and about



Social activities


Our service is tailored to individual needs. North London Homecare & Support Ltd. can help you understand what is available and from whom. We offer impartial advice on which services you may require. We can also help ease the process if you are new to the care systems or are changing care providers, by talking you through the process and supporting you throughout the transition.



We participate:

Our carers do more than just visit, if you choose. They will also support your loved one to get out and about to access their local community and if wished, participate in organised activities.

If you are considering our services, you'll want to meet us and talk personally about your requirements. We'll be happy to answer all your questions. We aim to make it easier to reach a decision as to which service provider you want to work with you and your loved one.


How long have you been providing care services?

How are your staff vetted?

How are payments handled by your company?

Do you have 24-hour care?

How are emergencies handled?

What type of training do your employees have?

What happens if I don't like the staff allocated to me, can I change?

What sorts of services do you provide?

Can I speak to someone who already has your service?

What happens when my support staff are poorly or on holiday?

Are the staff supervised and supported?


You need to be sure, that you are arranging the right care and support, so to reassure you we are happy to answer as many questions as you have, before and if chosen, after our services commence. We will ask for a point of contact, should we need any further information or need to contact someone with any observed concern we have or in case of an emergency.



We are regulated by the Care Quality Commission and all our Support Staff are fully Enhanced DBS checked. We obtain two written references for all our staff, one of whom should be their previous employer. We have family members of people we do or have provided services to, who are willing to tell you about their experience of our services.



All new staff undertake an Induction Course which when successfully completed, accredits the New Worker with the National Care Certificate. For our existing staff we have a Training Plan which is reviewed every year, to ensure each member of staff attends all mandatory training and any specialist training relevant to their responsibilities and aspirations. We encourage all staff and facilitate for those who wish, to study to obtain Diplomas in Health and Social Care at a level appropriate to their working responsibilities



Many people worry about the cost of care support and how they can fund this. North London Homecare & Support Ltd., will work with you to create a service plan that best suits your needs and circumstances.


Currently there are three ways that our care services can be funded:

Local Authority Care Funding: For clients that qualify for full or part-funding of care service by the local council, NHS trust or other organisation. It may be that our services are commissioned directly and paid for directly by the funding body.

Direct Payment Funding: In some instances you may be in control of the funding from a funding authority yourself through a direct payment from them. In this instance it will be up to you to arrange and pay for the care and support services. We can assist you in this and our systems are compatible with local authority payment cards.

Private Funding: You may of course be paying for services privately. Working with you we will devise a support package that meets your needs and budget. We can simplify invoicing and payment procedures, we can set up direct debit arrangements.


Choosing a care service provider can seem like a scary and impossible task and we understand that it can be a challenging time. With over 49 years experience, North London Homecare and Support Ltd. can provide you with expert advice and help every step of the way, why not call us on 01279 452105 or 0208 443 3380



Do you need help with your or your loved ones personal care? It can be difficult and sometimes embarrassing to have a family member help with personal care. We have trained and experienced care staff that can support you or family members to manage their own preferred personal care, whilst respecting and encouraging their independence and dignity.

Some examples of how we can help.



We know that we all have preferred ways and routines, to maintain our personal hygiene and we will discuss how we can best support the Individual in this. This can be supporting people to use the toilet, help them to manage any incontinence, supporting people to wash, shower or bath. Our support will be planned with the Individual, respecting their preferences, needs and abilities.



Often people may have restricted mobility and require assistance to transfer from place to place, maintain a comfortable position and pressure area care. All our staff attend People Handling training annually and all People Handling required, is assessed and a safe plan of support agreed.



We will support the Individual to maintain their preferred personal appearance, respecting that we often feel brighter, when we look and feel good. We can support people with brushing their teeth, shaving, fixing hair, doing makeup, and other basic grooming tasks. The level of care will all depend upon your individual needs.



We can help you or your family member to get dressed or undressed and help them get into or out of bed. We can undertake or assist in the laundering of items and support the Individual to wear clothes in accordance to the seasons and to maintain a safe body temperature.



We will support the Individual to keep their home safe, secure and at an appropriate temperature. We will keep them or their family members informed of any concerns we have.



We will want to serve food of the Individuals preference and will discuss with them and their family what and when they want to eat. All our staff hold the CIEH Food Hygiene certificates. We recognise that some people may have special dietary needs due to health or illness and can support Individuals to make choices respecting these.



We can support Individuals to administer prescribed medication by either reminding them, or assisting them or in some cases administering medication to them. We do require the consent of the Individual to administer their medication.



We can run personal errands for you or your loved one, our Out and About Service can support the Individual to get out and about to undertake their own errands if preferred. We can support people to attend to scheduled appointments when it is necessary.



We appreciate that people may have other needs and that people may want support to access work, leisure or activities within their local community. We provide these services to many people as part of their agreed plan of care and support.



If you have any questions, please ask us.



Unit 44,

26-28 Queensway,




Tel: 020 8443 3380

Out of Hours: 07071 223174



Circle Line House,

8 East Road,



CM20 2BJ

Tel: 01279 452105

Out of Hours: 01279 452105

United Kingdom

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