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Arrange Top Quality Oven Cleaning in London

When you're faced with a job you don't enjoy, but there's someone else who can do it better than you can, and the price for doing it is immensely affordable... It has to make sense to hand it over!

Pass on the dirtiest jobs in your London home or commercial kitchen to expert cleaners with our oven cleaning service. Our investment in top grade equipment makes light work of the most difficult jobs around your home. Quick and efficient cleaning techniques allow us to offer competitive prices to our customers.

Modern, professional cleaning offers you lots of advantages over traditional domestic methods. Keeping food storage and cooking equipment clean will safeguard your health and extend the life of expensive equipment. Clean appliances use less power so you'll reduce your electricity bills. Best of all, you'll end up with more time to do other important work, or even just put your feet up!


Reasons To Choose Our Kitchen Cleaning Services

Whether the job involves appliances such as your cooker or BBQ, or even when you need your tiles and grout renovated to a sparking, spotless condition we're a great choice. All of our staff are insured and reference-checked before starting work. We look for dedicated workers and supply them with the highest standard of cleaning technology and top-grade cleaning agents. We're dedicated to providing the cleaning services you need, when you need them. Whatever work you choose us for you'll always have the security of 24-hour back up through our web-based services and our phone lines.

See what other London customers have been saying about us on our reviews page.

For easy reference look below for a list of the benefits you'll gain from booking us.

24/7 availability - contact us online, or over the phone whenever you need us

Free, no-obligation quotes for all work.

No hidden extras - you'll always know, in advance, exactly what you'll be charged for our work

Cleaning appointments available when you need them. Weekends, out of hours, overnight - not a problem. Just ask!

Affordable rates for all work and discounts when you book multiple services

Qualified, certified cleaners with full training on all the specialist equipment we provide them with

Eco-friendly, non-toxic cleansers used to give you powerful cleaning that's tough on dirt but gentle on expensive cooking equipment.


Enjoy High Quality, Affordable Tile and Grout Cleaning in London

Restore your kitchen or bathroom tiles to a spotless, grime-free condition without re-grouting! However carefully and frequently you clean, it's inevitable that over time dirt builds up. This is especially true in your kitchen, where fats or oils used in cooking can impregnate grout and cause deep seated discolouration. Our tile and grout cleaning service in London will restore your tiling to an immaculate condition, leaving you with a fresh-looking room.

This service is suitable for domestic or commercial kitchen cleaning. As with our fridge cleaning services, you'll benefit from the top quality equipment we've invested in. This, and of course our skilled, experienced employees, enables us to give you results that you can't get using cleaning agents available to domestic customers. Our tile and grout service is quick and efficient. We can give you great cleaning at a far lower price than you'd expect.


How We Achieve Great Results with Grout and Tile Cleaning

When you book our skilled, fully insured, professional grout cleaners, they'll arrive with an industrial strength scrubber drier. High speed rotating brushes clean your tiles and grout and leave a pristine-clean finish. Of course, before starting work, your grout cleaner will carefully assess the current condition of your tiled surface to determine the very best approach for your individual circumstances.

Learn more about the difference this service can make to the appearance of a room from our past London customers by visiting our reviews page.


Listed below you'll see a summary of the features of this service:

Contact us any time on the internet or through our phone lines

Appointments to suit your schedule, including weekends or out of normal hours

Services for both domestic and commercial customers

Free quotes for all work

Experienced and qualified workmen equipped with modern tools to give you a great result at an affordable price


Count on Us for Expert Fridge and Freezer Cleaning in London

Keep your food stores safe, your family healthy and save money on your electricity bills. These are the major benefits you'll gain when you book our fridge cleaning service in London. The very first step towards a hygienic kitchen is to ensure that all food is stored in the cleanest of conditions. This is especially true of perishable goods that need cool storage to preserve them.

It's easy to overlook the condition of the inside of your fridge and freezer, so long as the outside looks white and shiny. A neglected fridge can lead to odours which will mar the flavour of your food, and bacterial growth which can result in food going off more quickly. When fridges and freezers are not defrosted regularly, ice build up can cause them to work less efficiently, This can both shorten the lifespan of food and also increase power usage, leading to higher electricity bills. Save money and safeguard your health with our London fridge cleaning service.


What To expect from our Fridge Cleaners

As with BBQ cleaning or oven cleaning, our fridge and freezer service uses modern technology where this makes the job quicker, or achieves better results. Our fridge cleaners also rely on old fashioned, human, attention to detail. After a careful assessment of the current condition of your fridge or freezer they'll remove all of your frozen or chilled food. This will be placed in cool bags to keep it safe whist the cleaning takes place. Any defrosting needed is done using a steamer for a quick and safe result. All removable parts of the fridge will be cleaned separately using a dip tank. The inside is cleaned manually using an anti-bacterial spray. Finally we'll put everything back together for you.

Read our reviews page to see how our other London customers rate our fridge and freezer cleaning service.

The major benefits you can expect from this service are:

A fridge or freezer that's as clean on the inside as it is on the outside

No odours left behind to contaminate food

All cleaning agents used are non-toxic and environmentally friendly

Your fridge or freezer will work more efficiently after cleaning, safeguarding your food and lowering your electricity bills


Enjoy Great Prices on High-Quality Restaurant & Commercial Kitchen Cleaning in London

Hand your commercial kitchen cleaning into the trustworthy hands of our skilled cleaning team. We have the tools and the know-how to keep any kitchen in a state of five-star cleanliness. Choose from a range of services such as oven cleaning and tile and grout cleaning, or make a booking for several jobs to be done at the same time. Either way, you'll free up your staff to concentrate on their main task, producing high quality food for your customers.

In today's tough business climate, success lies in finding the right resources and using them in the most time and cost efficient way possible. By booking us you benefit from the specialist equipment we've invested in, things like dip tanks and tile scrubbers. In the skilled hands of our kitchen cleaners these will allow us to provide you with superior and speedy cleaning. When it comes to commercial kitchen cleaning in London we're a resource that will save you time and money.


Important Things to Know About Our Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning Service

We're professionals, just like you. We'll arrive on time, do the work you've commissioned us for, and leave on time. All of our cleaners are referenced checked before we send them out to work. They're fully insured, and trained in the use of the equipment we provide them with. Pass the responsibility for the cleanliness of your restaurant or other commercial kitchen to us and know that you don't have to concern yourself with it any more.

Our cleaners take pride in the quality of their work and our good name. Learn more about this from other London customers on our reviews page.

Listed below you'll see a quick check list of the benefits we bring to our commercial customers:

24/7 back up, you can always contact us via the web or on the phone

Free, no-obligation quotes on all work

Cleaning packages arranged for the hours you need them. If you want us early mornings, late at night or even over night, that's when we'll come

We have a competitive pricing structure, and when you book two or more services you'll even get a discount


Choose Our London BBQ Cleaning Service for Healthy, Wholesome Outdoor Cooking

Enjoy your outdoor entertaining. Relish freshly cooked delicious food, and relax in the knowledge that at the end of the day you won't have the dirty and time consuming job of BBQ cleaning to worry about. To get the most out of barbecue cooking, your BBQ needs to be spotlessly clean. Anything less than this can mar the taste of your food, and at worst might even be a health hazard.

Baked-on fat and smoke present a cleaning challenge, but for us, that's not a problem. Our London barbecue cleaning service will restore your outdoor cooking equipment to a spotless condition. Better yet, we'll do it quickly, and at a price that you'll find to be refreshingly low. As with our oven cleaning and our fridge cleaning services, the great results you'll get depends on a combination of hard work and modern equipment.


BBQ Cleaning in the 21st Century

The first thing we'll do is inspect your BBQ to make sure that it's working properly. We'll disassemble all removable parts and clean them in a dip tank of cleaning agents, which are both non-toxic and environmentally friendly. The main body of your barbecue will be manually cleaned, whilst the bio detergent is doing it's job of gently lifting away baked-on deposits and grease from the racks and shelves in the tank. After cleaning we'll put your BBQ back together again, and of course, check it to make sure that it's functioning perfectly before we leave. Your BBQ will be spotless and ready for use or storage as soon as we've finished work.

To see what other London customers have to say about our low prices and professionalism, check out our reviews page.

Here's a handy reminder of the features of this service:

Eco-friendly, non-toxic detergents used on all cooking surfaces, no harmful deposits left behind

A cleaning process that protects metal from the abrasive effects of harsh scourers

A service that's easy to book and available when you need it

Qualified and experienced cleaners.


Call us on: 02037466232


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