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Professional Carpet Cleaning in London

- Eco-friendly, pet and child-safe detergents

- High-end professional equipment

- Same day bookings & real-time availability

- Expert know-how on delicate fabrics

- FREE Stain Protection included

FROM £48



Use our online booking form for emergency carpet cleaning: check real-time availability, open slots, and book under 30 seconds.  Enjoy your peace of mind and book carpet cleaning professionals you can trust.


The best carpet cleaning in London starts with a thorough inspection:

We dispatch a professional mobile carpet cleaner equipped with all the gear and detergents required;

The specialist determines the best cleaning technique for your specific type of fabric;

The highly-skilled technician power-vacuums and removes dry soil and dirt off your carpeting;

A specialised pre-conditioning solution is applied to existing stains and dirt marks;

Afterwards, the cleaner proceeds with the appropriate cleaning method;

Finally, your textile floor covering is spotlessly clean and left to dry.


1. Hot water extraction carpet cleaning (HWE) / Professional steam cleaning:

Technically, deep carpet cleaning via the hot water extraction technique is far more advanced than a regular steam treatment.

This steam-based extraction procedure is the most effective for washing grimy carpets, rugs, and mats in the comfort of your home. Pressurised HWE will rejuvenate, remove accumulated dirt, and tackle the wide spectrum of germs in your doormat, car carpet or large rug. Steam extraction takes care of household spills, pet stains and helps you get rid of unpleasant odours, and even dust mites.

The results? Hot water extraction carpet cleaning leaves you with a perfectly clean and deodorised rug that air-dries in hours! This is residential carpet cleaning at its finest.

*NOTE: Book with Fantastic Cleaners and the carpet cleaning specialists can deodorise your floor covering upon request. The carpeting professionals could leave an air mover in the room to help you increase airflow throughout your house or apartment. An industrial fan helps dampness evaporate faster and thus speeds-up the home drying process after an emergency hot water extraction treatment.


2. Low moisture (ADVANCED) / Dry carpet cleaning:

In case of a delicate floor covering, the carpet cleaning professionals can apply the specialised dry chem treatment.

The powder solution is 100% compatible with natural fibres such as silk, swivel, and seagrass. And since no hot water steam is involved, there is absolutely no risk of shrinkage!

Chem-dry carpet cleaning is suitable for other fine or water-sensitive fabrics such as sisal, jute, cotton, velvet, oriental rugs, Persian, and oriental kilims too. Book to dry clean rugs – the high-end professional method that is eco and allergy safe.

What is the approximate drying time? Almost immediately after the service.


3. Stain-proofing via Scotchgard™ stain protection:

Once your carpet is professionally taken care of, you can prolong the result thanks to the Scotchgard™ fabric protector.

This is a specialised spray solution that keeps liquids, stains and dirt at bay, not allowing them to settle on your floor covering.  Scotchgard™ repels what you want to keep out and preserves fabrics fresh and clean!

At Fantastic Cleaners, we dispatch mobile carpet cleaning teams straight to your home or office throughout the south, east, south-east, south-west, west, north-west and north parts of London (with some occasional exceptions).

*NOTE: Benefit from our company discounts by combining residential carpet and rug washing service with upholstery and furniture cleaning or book it as part of after tenancy cleaning (where dip tank oven valeting is included).

Join the Fantastic Club and benefit from the affordable discounts and special treats via our exclusive membership program.



Q: How does hot water extraction carpet cleaning work?

A: Known as the Hot Water Extraction (HWE) method, this technique is also known as "steam cleaning". Although more advanced than regular steam treatments, the pressurised hot water extraction (PHWE) method uses high pressure for agitation, and hot water to increase the reaction rate. Here's how it happens:

1. A high-performance unit “injects” hot water steam deep down to the very fibre of your textile floor covering;

2. Simultaneously, a suction attachment is at work to remove up to 95% of moisture and dislodged unsanitary agents.

Deep carpet cleaning is suitable for: Fabrics made of synthetic or woollen fibres. How long does steam cleaning carpets take to dry? Approximately 4-6 hours.


Q: What types of carpets and rugs do you handle?

A: At Fantastic Cleaners, we clean the wide range of both carpets and rugs: Persian carpet cleaning, oriental, Moroccan, Tibetan, Indian, runners, area rugs, circular rugs, sculptured and many more. Can't find yours? Just call us and ask.


Q: How does low moisture / dry chem cleaning work?

A: Here is how dry cleaning is done:

The technician emulsifies a special dry chem powder and rubs it in with rotating brushes;

The powder bonds chemically to any dirt particles that reside in between the fibres;

The cleaning agent is left to loosen up soil and make it easier to extract;

Then the pro vacuums your piece to suck in both powder and dirt;

Dry chem cleaning removes 99% of allergens and effectively refreshes any carpet or rug.

Is drying time required? No. Your carpeting is ready almost immediately after the service.


Q: How long until my carpet dries after steam cleaning?

A: If your carpet has woollen fibres, then it will take about 4 hours. Other than that, it should be about a couple of hours. We also offer a free Air mover (upon request) to speed up to drying, especially if there is no air circulation.


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